About 1 in 6, 16 Percent on Medicaid (not Medicare)

Before Obamacare kicks in you might be interested in knowing that we are already paying for 1 out of every 6 people in the U.S. to receive health care.

The Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Mike Tryon Friday emphasized his suggestions for Medicaid reform. He wants to roll back eligibility requirements to 2006 and shift more beneficiaries to managed care. Click to enlarge.

These are the recent Medicaid statistics. If you don’t believe me check out CBS News online.

Medicaid has nothing to do with Medicare, which is for our senior population.

Anyone think that Democratic bureaucrats who don’t bother to enforce immigration aren’t allowing a million or so illegals to be getting Medicaid?

State Rep. Mike Tryon discussed the ease of getting on Illinois' Medicaid rolls and how one must ask to be taken off at his and State Senator Pam Althoff's recent Crystal Lake Town Hall Meeting.

A little bogus documentation and my guess is Dem bureaucrats are happy to give away Medicaid benefits.

In Illinois State Rep. Mike Tryon explained at his and State Sen. Pam Althoff’s Town Meeting that all one has to do to get on Medicaid is to produce one pay stub with a low enough income.

To get off, a person has to write state government and ask to be removed from the rolls.

Do you think there isn’t serious fraud going on with who gets enrolled into Medicaid?

Tryon said people come over the Indiana state line to get medical care in Illinois, compliments of us Illinois state taxpayers. No effort is made to discover if a person is a citizen or a legal alien, he said.

He estimates the fraud and abuse at $5-6 billion a year.

I guess that’s what you get with a “giveaway” mentality.

So the Democratic Party’s bigger government effort isn’t going to just benefit needy Americans.

People with common sense can see that liberal Democrats running Illinois, not to mention the rest of the country, have given the country change we don’t want.

We are already paying for free health care for 48 million people in our nation. It is baked into our taxes and insurance premiums.

Employers and people who are getting private insurance coverage are subsidizing Medicaid by having to pay higher premiums. Democrats don’t want to talk about how you are already paying for Medicaid directly and indirectly.

Maybe someone out there can determine if Viagra and Viagra-like drugs are safety net health care options under Medicaid.

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