Lakewood Trustee Ken Santowski Reports Again

Ken Santowski’s best paragraph in his report to constituents below is the last one.

I’m putting it up top because it is so good:

Ken Santowski

Fell free to rant, yell or simply come by for a drink. I am thinking about having “cocktails with Ken” with residents to get us all through what appears to be a potentially long winter (according to the forecasts).

My fellow residents-

I once again apologize for the delay in my update(s). I wish I had a great excuse like I was traveling around the world, or was in a world poker tournament, but neither would be the truth.

For those who did not hear of the public incident, the village and fire department recently honored 2 citizens for their efforts in aiding a fellow citizen who suffered a heart attack. The resident Michael Ahem survived and was there again to thank Jessica Etten and John Wall.  [Dr. Wall was one of my physicians.]

The parks and recreation committee presented the board with several options to replace the entry way signs into Lakewood.

Of the options presented, most of the board and audience seemed to like the brick and composite material design. They estimated that each sign would cost about $2000 each. Unfortunately their fundraising efforts have not raised the funds they had hoped for, so at this point they are asking the village to pay for these signs out of the general funds.

Based on the number of signs built and installed we could be looking at spending as little as $2000 up to $10,000 to replace all the signs and install new ones where they would be needed. Future meetings by the committee will help establish a budget for the project as well as placement of signs. Since the addition of property along Route 47 we probably should be putting some type of signs letting travelers know that they are passing (and hopefully stopping) thru Lakewood.

Engineering for the water tower was approved in the amount of $38,800.  This is part of the $2.5 million bond issued to rebuild the tower in Turnberry.

Inspection services were also approved for the new tower in the amount of $18,594. I did question the contracts other potential costs that could happen, but most likely will not. Their base rate for inspection is $75 per man hour, but they also listed travel time at $72 per hour plus wanted mileage and per diems. Based on today’s economy I thought that was a little excessive. I asked Public Works Director Paul Ruscko permission to call Dixon engineering to discuss those “options” and their related costs. Hopefully we won’t have to make that call.

There was also a request to spend $3,500 out of the SSA#1 fund to do some actual inspection of the concrete spillway on Lake #2.

As you may recall there was a significant tax increase to the residents of SSA#1 to help fund the purchase of the Weedo boat and start saving for repairs to the dam.

SSA#1 expires in 2015 and those that live around the lakes (as well as others) are concerned that the SSA will not be renewed.

Apparently the committee did not want that amount spent and made that recommendation to the chairperson .

I questioned why we as a board put this committee together and once again are going against their recommendations.

President Smith stated that we go with most recommendations put forth by the committees.  I am not sure what recommendations she was referring to are. The spending was approved and hopefully it will allow us to have a better understanding of the integrity of the dam and spillway.

The bike path project seems to be rolling along. Apparently there were some questions about the project and we shall see what happens during the next part of the project.

Proposed SportsPlex Building

I am not sure what significance the foreclosure of the Donald Swanson property will have upon the SportsComplex.

Apparently on September 14th, 2010 Harvard State Bank filed a foreclosure notice against the property at 11717 Pleasant Valley Road in the amount of $1,172.497.73 The case # 10CH212. The sale date is listed as 10/14/2010. We will have to see is this is just a mere formality.

Election packets are now available for pickup at Village Hall and the County building. If you are interested in running for one of the 4 open seats please do so.

The village newsletter and fall cleanup letter went out electronically to residents. If you did not receive one please let me know and I will send it to you. [This Lakewood resident didn’t receive one.]

The Styrofoam bins are in place throughout the village. There is one at my home. Please do not throw your white Styrofoam in the garbage. Save it up, and place it in the bins throughout the village, including my home. It is there to use.

Lastly, as you know I send this update to you personally to keep you informed about what is happening within the village board meetings.

Whether you agree with me or want to see me strung up from the water tower, I encourage you to let me know how you feel about things going on in the village.

Fell free to rant, yell or simply come by for a drink. I am thinking about having “cocktails with Ken” with residents to get us all through what appears to be a potentially long winter (according to the forecasts).

Thanks for reading this,
Ken Santowski
Cell 847-910-2985
Work 847-429-1926

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