Marc Munaretto Seeking to Replace Ken Koehler as County Board Chairman

Marc Munarettl

Multiple sources have confirmed that the man who placed third in the contest to be named McHenry County Board Chairman is running again.

The vote in 2008 was sixteen for Ken Koehler, six for Barb Wheeler and two for Marc Munaretto.

Munaretto’s votes two Decembers ago were his own and Randy Donley’s.

The major challenger to incumbent Ken Koehler was Barb Wheeler last time around. She received seven votes.

Besides her own vote, she received support from Sue Draffkorn, Virginia Peschke, Sandy Salgado, Kathy Bergan Schmidt and Dan Ryan.

Koehler retaliated by stripping Wheeler of her committee chairmanship. There was additional retaliation by Koehler to those who supported Wheeler, which may be coming home to roost.

Munaretto is not up for re-election this year.

Koehler is.

Koehler and his District 2 running mate, Donna Kurtz, were not on the best of terms during the primary election.

There is no indication the two Republicans are running a coordinated campaign.

They are being challenged by Democrat Mark Booras.


Marc Munaretto Seeking to Replace Ken Koehler as County Board Chairman — 1 Comment

  1. Why would Koehler strip qualified board members of their committees? Seems like abuse of power to me. Shouldn’t the Chairman of the Board be more concerned with the issues at hand rather than getting his personal and political vendetta?

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