Sheriff Keith Nygren Dodges Political Bullet

Zane Seipler

Keith Nygren

Former Republican primary Sheriff’s candidate Zane Seipler’s attorney Schin Shah was in Judge Thomas A. Meyer’s courtroom yesterday morning.

Shah was seeking a trial date prior to the election for consideration of Seipler’s request that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate whether Sheriff Keith Nygren has used public resources to advance his political career.

While Assistant State’s Attorney Donald Leist said,

“If counsel wishes to do it today, I’m prepared to argue it today,”

the judge was not prepared for that.

“I could do it on October 19th,” Meyers replied.

“I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow,” Leisch said. “I could do it November 9th or 10t.”

Meyers countered with November 3rd or 4th.

“It’s all the same for me…as soon as possible.”

“Let’s go with the 3rd of November at 10 AM,” the judge decided.

That’s the day after this fall’s election.


Sheriff Keith Nygren Dodges Political Bullet — 5 Comments

  1. Cal, you got it right….a “political bullet”. This is nothing more than political shenanigans by a disgruntled Seipler. His charges have already been dismissed by the Illinois Board of Elections. Can you say disgruntled loser throwing a temper tnatrum!

  2. The Illinois Board of Elections is a worthless piece of garbage that has no authority.
    More info has been gathered.
    I say what was good for Bianchi is good for Nygren.
    Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    Thousands of dollars of comp time for Nygren parades.
    Isn’t that one of the charges against Bianchi??

  3. Better get on your Meds Allen! Bachmann may be smarter than u thought! Looks like the big boys are in fact on to McHenry County. I hear the “Horses are coming” with lots of rope!

  4. Hey, Kevin – I mean earth father, then that is just what is being done to Bianchi. Disgruntled Regna and his sponsor, Nygren.

    Not a well written editorial today. Get some sleep.

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