Payback Time for Donna Kurtz

Feb. 2, 2010, District 2 primary election returns. Click to enlarge.

A couple of people have told me that the Northwest Herald has refused to endorse Donna Kurtz for the McHenry County Board.

Not any bigger a deal than the NWH’s not endorsing her during the primary election.

She ran first.

Donna Kurtz

As one person emailed me:

“Payback for standing up against MMC stadium for private baseball team?”

Of course.

Wouldn’t you like to know the reason the folks at the NWH have such a long-standing interest in the rejection of the minor league baseball stadium?

I can think of resentment for the foregone advertising revenue, but could there be something else for the obvious grudge?


Payback Time for Donna Kurtz — 3 Comments

  1. The Northwest Herald has those it likes and the ones it doesn’t.

    Just like they withheld info on my election page.

    For their own reasons.

    They didn’t put my education levels or how long I’ve worked at IDOT.

    So if they can influence the election by doing things like what they are doing they will. Its interesting that the media is suppose to be non bias but still do the things they do.

    What a joke

    Just for money and conflicts.

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