Former District 47 School Board Member David Phoenix Runs Write-In Campaign for State Representative

Signs in David Phoenix' front yard.

I first noticed the write-in for state representative sign when I took one of my son’s friends home after a sleepover.

There it was in the front yard in Four Colonies next to a Bill Brady for Governor sign.

It was a sign re-cycled from David Phoenix campaign for the Crystal Lake Grade School Board.

When it was pick-up time after another sleepover yesterday evening, I hurried out to get an interview with David Phoenix.

“Why are you running?” I asked.

“Because I didn’t want to vote for either of the candidates running and I wanted my vote to count,” Phoenix told me through his vehicle window.

“I was so upset with Mike (Tryon) for voting for the capital bill tax increases in 2009,” he explained.

“Which ones?” I asked the attorney, who served on the Crystal Lake Grade School Board.

“All of them…beer, liquor, shampoo, candy that doesn’t include wheat.”

I asked if candy containing rice was taxed, but he didn’t know.

“I never got a satisfactory explanation from Mike even though he lives eight or nine houses away from me,” he continued.

“I disagree with (Robert) Kamepfe on just about everything,” he concluded.

Phoenix has a Facebook page here.

It says,

“After Mike Tryon’s vote to raise taxes in early 2009, during a recession, I contacted his office for an explanation.

“Mike has yet to get back to me.

“His opponent is a liberal tax and spend Democrat.

“Since there seems to be no candidate in the 64th District who seems to be willing to stop with the typical Illinois tax and spend philosophy, I filed my paperwork to ‘officially”‘ be a ‘write in’ candidate.

“If you are tired of politics as usual and tax increase after tax increase, feel free to write my name in on November 2nd for your representative for the 64th Congressional District.

“I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.

“I welcome you to join me.”

His email address is


Former District 47 School Board Member David Phoenix Runs Write-In Campaign for State Representative — 1 Comment

  1. Where is Mike Tryon’s endorsement of John O’Neil?

    Does anyone know if Tryon has officially endorsed O’Neil for public presentation?

    Tryon endorsed candidate(s) that ran for school board in the past.

    Has Tryon done a letter to the editor to the newspapers for O’Neil?

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