Tribune Endorses Schultz, Mahon and Graham

In times past the Chicago Tribune endorsed down to the County Board level.

No more.

This year, just those running for countywide office and judicial posts (some of which are now smaller than countywide) are endorsed in the collar counties).

Kathie Schultz

Mark Freund

In McHenry County, “consummate professional” Katherine Schultz is endorse over Democrat Mark Freund for County Clerk.

Schultz “has a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of how the clerk’s office functions and where to look for savings,” the editorial reads.

But for Sheriff, Democrat Mike Mahon got the nod.

Mike Mahon

Keith Nygren

“Sheriff Keith Nygren fended off a primary challenge form a former assistant who said he was fired for blowing the whistle on racial profiling in the office. Critics argue that Nygren has become too cozy with the Republican establishment.

“Democrat Mike Mahon, a 23-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff’s office, would bring a new perspective. Mahon is endorsed.”

Gordon Graham

Sally Wiggins

The Tribune endorsed Nygren in the primary election over Zane Seipler.

For Judge, the Tribune endorsed Associate Judge Gordon Graham over Independent Sally Wiggins.

No explanation was offered.  Just the name of the circuit and Graham’s name.


Tribune Endorses Schultz, Mahon and Graham — 23 Comments

  1. Appears the Tribune also knows what’s coming! Stay back McHenryCounty voters, Nygren is about to go down. This time, he took on the wrong guys! Do you feel it Keith? LOL

  2. Big surprise. Crook county newspaper endorses the Crook County guy.

    Too bad the Trib didn’t touch on the fact that Mahon has never been in a patrol car, was convicted of DUI, sexual harassment allegations, etc.

    Nygren is clearly the right guy for the job.

  3. The Tribune editorial was not online when I did wrote the article.

  4. Bottom line. Tribune is just hot that Nygren wouldn’t fully grant their FOIA request for Pagano suicide.


    Expected more from Tribune than that.

    Even if endorsing Mahon, then give some rationale.

    New perspective? That’s it.


  5. Earth Father that argument doesn’t hold water.

    Because it was the Suntimes that had to foia nygren,you moron.

    Boy o boy you nygren do as your tolds are really pissed a republican newspaper endorsed Mahon just shows that Mahon is truly the man for the job.

    The people of McHenry don’t want another tyrant sheriff appointed after nygren has to leave his office in handcuffs.

    Can you say perp walk.

    Angryone can you really say, with a straight face, that a newspaper as renound as the Tribune would make an endorsement base on where someone lived.

    Don’t forget your boss lived in Chicago many years ago.

    Back when he was a democrat.

    And his father earl the pearl nygren was a Chicago policeman.

  6. Patrick. You moron. Do some research before you open your piehole. The Chicago Tribune did issue a FOIA as well as Foxt TV, NW Herald, Daily Herald, Cal Skinner and others. Again, what basis did Tribune give for endorsing Mahon. None. Not liking Nygren does not provide any rationale for Mahon.

  7. Theangryone –

    Last time I checked, the Sheriff’s office as more than a police department. Mahon was a corrections officer and supervisor AND has administrative experience. I don’t know who you’re electing, but we’re electing an administrator, not a patrol officer.

  8. Leaders of ANYTHING are one of three things: a visionary creator, a servant leader or an administrative maintainer.

    I have seen the arguments we need to elect an administrator and I am familiar with the arguments of why the current Sheriff should be let go from his current position.

    I love the democratic process and all its foibles but I don’t know how electing a Sheriff or a judge by popular choice is a good idea.

    The people voting are too compromised by their own partisan prejudices, their lack of understanding of the positions, their inexperience at hiring qualified individuals and, in some cases, their own negative encounters with agencies designed to deal with negative issues(law enforcement is never easy or elegant).

    For the most part in these comments, rather than dealing with the very stark difference between a visionary creator and an administrative maintainer and the relative advantages/disadvantages of both all I see are sad little flames not landing.

    Nygren has built an incredible world class Sheriff’s department from its very humble beginnings.

    He has managed this department as it has grown with the county and has supervised a net decline in crime which is the envy of the surrounding counties. (

    This is irrefutable.

    Whether he has hit the end of his road as a law enforcement officer may be up for debate but, as I said before, neither of the candidates offered the public have the qualifications or experience necessary to even approach a serious challenge.

    A cute and affable man with a few hours of law enforcement classes under his belt or a hugely morally compromised middle manager with very little understanding of McHenry County and the needs of the office he seeks.

    He may live in LITH but he works in a county which has massive law enforcement issues and in a department which has nothing at all to do with changing how they do this business.

    He is at least three times removed from any qualification necessary to take over running the MCSD.

    Nygren’s issues appear to be he made a controversial decision regarding an inexperienced deputy, his department has made some controversial arrest decisions (the charges are 100% determined by the State’s Attorney) and he has been such a good steward of the money he has earned he owns property.

    All of these are endemic to good leadership.

    The arguments against these, to date, have been under faulty premise and sad partisanship.

    You are better than this.

    We will hire the most qualified candidate in Nygren this year and pray for a more qualified batch the next go around.

  9. The Tribune also endorsed Barack Hussein Obama.

    Can we say hope and change.

    Look what it brought all of us. YUCK!!!!

    The Tribune makes mistakes too, the Mahon endorsement is one of them.

    A drunk, that wants to have sex with underage children , trained in the most corrupt county in the country and all from the party of OBAMA. McHenry County really needs him, NOT………………………….

  10. Hey priest nice Manifesto, I imagine your out of Sunday words after that, yet you still pick a lair a cheat and a thief as the highest law enforcement official in the county. It makes no sense that a person who knows his way around a thesaurus like you do would think Mchenry is better off with a scoundrel like nygren. Just goes to show how uneducated an educated person can be.

  11. Nygren, the great Administrator..? Laughable! “Criminal Administration” perhaps!

    Caison v. McHenry County Adult Corrections Facility et al

    Battaglia et al v. County of McHenry et al

    Belbachir v. County of McHenry et al

    Runles v. McHenry County Jail et al

    Silva v. Nygren et al

    Beck v. McHenry County Jail et al

    Matsukis v. United States Marshals et al

    Parker v. Nygren et al

    Peterson et al v. Nygren et al

    Stanard et al v. Nygren et al

    Gellert v. McHenry County Sheriff Department et al

    Dooley-Trewartha v. McHenry County Sheriff’s Office et al

    Sarapnicklene v. McHenry County Jail

    Martinez v. Correct Care Solutions LLC et al-McHenry County Jail

    Seipler v. Cundiff et al-Sheriff of McHenry County

    O’Grady v. Penna et al-McHenry County Sheriff Department

    Rajchel et al v. McHenry County Illinois Sheriff Department et al

    Pavlin et al v. McHenry County et al

    Romero v. McHenry County Sheriff’s Dept.

    Johnson v. Sheriff McHenry County

    Bahr v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Smith v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Cirelli v. keith Nygren Sheriff of McHenry County

    Riley, Smith v. Keith Nygren, Daniel Sedlock

    McCann v. Deputy Ken Nielsen

    Becker v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Phalin v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Garza v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Millman v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Fringer v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Andrews v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Schenkert v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Schmidt v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    King v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Pere v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Burke v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Leo v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Shaffer v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Reyes v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    Gauger v. McHenry County Sheriff Dept.

    I’m not even going to list the current court cases that Nygren has been taking a ‘Pounding’ on!!! By the way, with YOUR tax dollars!

  12. JH. You forget to mention that most of these lawsuits were dismissed or won by McHenry County.

    None have resulted in any significant liability to Sheriff’s Dept or McHenry County.

    Gauger lost at trial….the Sheriff’s Dept didn’t do anything wrong.

    In fact, Nygren wasn’t even the SHeriff when the Gauger investigation occurs.

    Patrick McCann committed rape and then charged a police officer trying to arrest him….didn’t get a dime….lawsuit was a joke.

    Problem is yahoo’s like Mike Mahon make sexually explicit comments to subordinates about their 15 year old daughter which drags Sheriff Meahan into a lawsuit for which he had no knowledge.

    Same problem can occur for Sheriff Nygren.

    Nature of the business and you know it.

  13. Battaglia had nothing to do with Sheriff’s Dept. That was a building and zoning lawsuit against McHenry County.

    Stannard was a joke….dismissed by federal court.

  14. Nygren is the best AND only choice….Go home and cry on mommy’s shoulder when the others loose

  15. Jeff – your Nygren comments are going to be a huge mistake for you down the road. What favor you are trying to garner now will bite you in the butt later.

  16. DO NOT VOTE ELECTRONICALLY — I believe that is how it is done at the county building. You want a paper ballot.

  17. Hey ef why is it when a case against nygren is dismissed then, to you, it had no cause.

    But if a case against Mahon is dismissed you feel the need to slander him on a constant basis.

    It’s a shame the sheriff’s department is going to have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay to the two deputies who, nygren was told by the courts, to REHIRE.

    If they have any extra money left maybe they can get you a new CLEAN nygren tee shirt and some new zubas so you can keep going around heckling Mike and his kids at parades.

  18. I have ignored these useless blogs since they started.

    Usually it is people like Zane, Cal or Phil rambling on about a topic only they care about. Zane is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame by slandering other people. Does Zane even have a job? He has such hatred towards people. His actions speak louder than words. He committed a crime while he was a police officer and still Sheriff Nygren refused to criminally charge him.

    I worked with you Zane and unfortunately you were not a good cop The only person you have to blame is yourself, which you refuse to do. No one made you ticket the passenger Zane. Please get a life and oh, by the way, no one has a patent on the use of a star, you ridiculous uneducated old man.

  19. good ole boys are almost gone
    corruption is almost gone
    vote Nov 2
    out with the incumbents

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