38 Criminal Illegals Picked Up in McHenry County in September

McHenry County Blog continues to be the only local publication that thinks the Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities program is worth watching.

View from a McHenry County Jail corridor of a cell block during lockdown. Visitors are young Chinese political leaders who came in 2007.

This month, the program Sheriff Keith Nygren joined in April, saw 38 illegal aliens with criminal records detained.

That’s lower than any other month since the program began.

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38 Criminal Illegals Picked Up in McHenry County in September — 5 Comments

  1. Good job Cal!

    We need to make sure that our police keep up the heat on illegal immigration.

    Don’t let them slack off!

    There are a lot more than 38 illegal aliens in McHenry County!

    We should be picking up 100 monthly.

  2. You could pick up 100 a day if you really wanted to. Too bad no one really wants to solve the illegal immigration problem.

  3. The local police have no business chasing immigrants. Their job is to set up speed traps and give out tickets to otherwise perfectly safe drivers.

    Kidding aside, the immigration issue is very emotional, but you have to look at the demographics, and the numbers are such that whites do not procreate enough to sustain their current population numbers.

    So immigrants have to come in, some legally and some illegally, and work and consume for the economy to grow and the stock market to pay out dividends.

    Get rid of immigrants and suddenly there will be empty rental properties, restaurants without cooks, and dirty toilets all over this county.

    And I’m pretty sure that it is impossible to get rid of the illegals, just not mechanically possible to do. The forces that bring and keep them here are too strong.

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