ALAW Presents County Board Votes on Federal Stimulus Bonds

The setting sun reflects off windows on the east side of Wonder Lake October 3, 2010. The County Board authorized Federal Stimulus Loan money to dredge the shallow lake.

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has made votes by McHenry County Board members up for election available to the public.

So, if the local newspapers didn’t ask the question you think is important, you might find some direction from actual votes the board members cast in Woodstock.

The weakness, obviously, is that challengers aren’t in the matrix.

Yesterday, land use votes were published on McHenry County Blog.

Today the votes on how the Federal Stimulus Bonds should be allocated.

Three projects are tracked,

  • Lakewood’s SportsPlex
  • the K-Nines Woodstock minor league baseball stadium and
  • dredging Wonder Lake

Strangely, the county board members could not find any manufacturing firms who wanted to borrow money with Federal taxpayers subsidzing 25% of the interest.

Click to enlarge.

Previously on the McHenry County Board, Nick Provenzano and John Jung were not serving when these votes were taken.

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