The Abortion Stands of Local Candidates, According to Those Favoring No Limits on the Operation

Does the headline shock you?

Could it be that anyone wants to allow a baby to be aborted the day before its due date?

McHenry County Citizens for Choice booth at the McHenry County Fair.

That’s the law now in Illinois and Personal PAC doesn’t want any limitations on current law.

Personal PAC ally McHenry County Citizens for Choice has posted on its web site the endorsements and identifications of candidates in McHenry County considered “anti-choice.”

The local group relies on what I would characterize as the most “pro-abortion” political action committee in the country, Personal PAC, for the information, which is displayed below.

I’ve published Personal PAC’s endorsements for County Board before.

Democratic Party candidate for Sheriff Mike Mahon attended the post-primary Patriots United Pro-Life Unity Breakfast in March.

The local group, however, notes,

“Although some other candidates have expressed pro-choice views, those views cannot be recognized if the Personal PAC questionnaires were not returned and those views documented.”

New information is provided about the Sheriff’s race.

Mike Mahon is described as “anti-choice.”

Guess that means he is pro-life.

Nothing is next to Green Party candidate Gus Philpott’s name.

The only thing next to incumbent Keith Nygren’s is that he is an incumbent.  (That’s what “inc” means below.)

Click to enlarge.

Jack Franks

John O'Neill

No hints of the position of either GOP candidate for judge Associate Judge Gorgon Graham or Independent candidate Sally Wiggins for the 22nd Circuit judicial vacancy. Their names were below what you see above.

For some reason, the group does not note that State Reps. Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien are endorsed by Personal PAC, as is Mike Tryon’s opponent Robert Kaempfe.

Franks’ opponent John O’Neill is pro-life, as is Tryon.  Beaubien has not opponent.

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The Abortion Stands of Local Candidates, According to Those Favoring No Limits on the Operation — 3 Comments

  1. Didn’t Franks ask to not be included as pro-choice because he already has the pro abortion vote and doesn’t want to risk losing any of the pro life voters he already deceived?

  2. Save a whale… a tree………kill a baby. Leftists have no conscience.

  3. I believe that the people who talk about anti abortion have yet to talk about why there are no adoption or foster care homes in McHenry County.

    There are no Certification classes in McHenry County either you have to go to Lake County or Rockford or Elgin or Cook County to get certified.

    Why if everyone is so anti abortion why hasn’t there been a fight to get this in our County.

    If I am elected I will push to have classes for Adoption and Foster care in our County and have a shelter for abused kids.

    I was a victim of domestic violence and it needs to stop.

    I have no sympythy for abusers they need to go to jail for along time.

    My daughters friend is in a home out in Rockford because there isn’t one here. Take care of home first.

    I believe there should be limitaions on abortions but not by making them illegal.

    They are medical procedures that doctors determine if a woman needs but it should be in private it is no ones business but hers and the Doctor.

    I do not believe that abortions should be used as birth control there are to many other options out there than an abortion.

    But we need to be responsible to our children and teach them we are their parents and they need us for that.

    Our children do not have the right to make a decision without our being notified that is wrong and if they can’t drink and drive they don’t have the rright to make a decision about a surgury either.

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