Bean Votes Liberal, Liberal and Liberal and Daily Herald Endorses Her

Melissa Bean

This should be no surprise if you follow politics and know how liberal the Daily Herald’s current editors are.

But the rationalization for the Daily Herald endorsing Democrat Melissa Bean is a whopper. Here it is:

Bean “is unafraid to vote against the party line.”

I guess being a deciding vote for Obamacare to mess up our health care system and not offering a single compromise to attract a single Republican vote was what the Daily Herald was thinking of.

Or Bean’s spendaholic stimulus vote that was all Democrat.

Newspapers trying to keep failed liberal politicians in office is one of the reasons Illinois remains so corrupt.

Consistent with “Let’s keep Democrat Liberals in Office” the Daily Herald endorsed liberal Democrat Bill Foster.

As a practical matter the Daily Herald isn’t going to endorse a conservative for the U.S. House if they think he or she has a good chance to win.

Of course the Daily Herald also endorsed liberal Democrat Dan Seals for the U.S. House.

  • Bean – Liberal Democrat – Endorsed by Daily Herald
  • Foster – Liberal Democrat – Endorsed by Daily Herald
  • Seals – Liberal Democrat – Endorsed by Daily Herald

See any pattern?

I guess we are supposed to be thrown off their scent by the Daily Herald endorsing Republican Bill Brady for Governor.

Endorsing Captain Pudding Head was probably too embarrassing.

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Bean Votes Liberal, Liberal and Liberal and Daily Herald Endorses Her — 9 Comments

  1. and Bean will spend, spend, spend

    ’til the Voters take the Taxpayers’ money awaaaaay.

  2. McHenry County electing Joe Walsh will get national coverage about how liberal spendaholics are not wanted to represent them in the suburbs.

    Illinois rejecting Bean will send a common sense message that will get national attention.

  3. To reply on newspaper endorsements is a thing of the past.

    They should be printed in the comic section.

  4. If the Daily Herald wants to discredit their brand through lousy reporting and worse editorial decisions, let them.

    They’re on the wrong side of history, and are just going to lose readers and advertisers.

    Have faith in the market to solve the problem as neighbors learn to trust each other and exchange information more directly rather than trust editors to be the fount of all wisdom.

  5. Cal…the printed news media is far from liberal.

    All printed news media in the Chicago Market are endorsing Republicans at a rate of 8 to 2.

    So don’t call these sources liberal just because they aren’t swinging your way in this particular race.

    When will you get over the fact the stimulus bill WORKED!, Health Reform was needed and supported by the majority in the District.

    Cal, you have been around the block a few times.

    Please explain to the Walsh crew what a debate is.

    Remind them it is not meet and greets, candidate forums or partisan gatherings.

    The first true moderated point counter point debate sponsored by the LWV is coming up this week.

    Cal hope to see you there. Bruce…bring it on!

  6. Walsh is not a fiscal conservative or truthful. He lives his life on OPM (other people’s money) and thinks he can always charm his way out of broken promises. His campaign is $98,000 in debt, so far. The Daily Herald is right not to endorse him.

  7. All very true points LC.

    I might suggest the anger the electorate is showing against the Stimulus and the Health Care Reform may be a difference of opinion on the root causes leading to these needs and the manner in which these root causes were “solved”.

    Perhaps eleventh hour stampeding to the trough by Congress with overt payoffs to give out Stimulus money was a little offensive.

    Perhaps destroying HPPA, private insurance, personal doctors in private practice, federal funding of abortion and federal defunding of medicare/medicaid thereby endangering the lives at the other end of the age spectrum too(among 2700 other pages of travesty) was a little offensive.

    Perhaps the local representative who proudly stampeded to the trough and then voted to overtly destroy her constituency should be capable of explaining her actions rather than hiding.

    Although she was, I’m sure, invited to all of these places you mention she has not even done an open lone speaking/listening tour of her constituency ala Manzullo.

    No “staged ambushes”.

    No Walsh supporter packed events.

    Just normal every day run of the mill talk to your constituency stops.

    She has held invite only pay to enter events but few, if any, open stops to listen.

    I’d love to see her out and about proudly explaining her votes.

    She either isn’t proud of her performance or is aloof.

    Either way, perhaps the electorate has some reason to be skeptical of Ms. Bean and her further need as a paid employee for this district.

  8. Today’s Daily Herald is a sure sign that once they endorse a candidate the gloves come off.

    Page ONE reporting on Walsh’s money problems has just begun and is sure to continue until November 2nd.

    Will the LWV allow any ‘tough’ questions to be asked of Congresswoman Bean and will she even show up as promised?

    Arrive early so her bus load of Cook County followers don’t grab the meager 300 seats available!

  9. Now I know why I cancelled by Daily Herald subscription.

    I used to vote for Bean but she lost my vote with her Health Care and Cap&Trade votes.

    She does NOT represent her district anymore.

    I went to a meet and greet she had at the Jewel in Lake Zurich a while back.

    You would not believe the angry people there upset their voices were not being heard by their Congresswoman.

    Vote for Walsh- he has good values and will represent his constiuents.

    We are all human and make mistakes but don’t make a mistake in Nov.

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