Sheriff’s Candidates Parade in Marengo

The Republican and Democratic Party candidates were campaigning in Marengo last Sunday.

I was absent because I was walking the streets of Lakewood and Crystal Lake informing voters of my views on the candidates.

Here’s Sheriff Keith Nygren’s convertible.

Sheriff Keith Nygren was riding in a convertible with his wife again.

A closer look:

No sign of candy being thrown at this point.

The Mike Mahon contingent led off with a convertible with an Antique Vehicle license plate.

Flags were flying and people walking in the entry of Sheriff's candidate Mike Mahon.

And, candidate Mahon was walking, as usual, greeting voters along the parade route.

Mike Mahon worked the crowd with good shady seats on a beautiful fall day.


Sheriff’s Candidates Parade in Marengo — 7 Comments

  1. Ohhh the evil parades with all their political overtones…We must stop this evil.

    If only someone would step up and cause enough trouble for community leaders of Police and Fire departments and start putting an end to these evil waste of community resources for community goodwill… 😉


    They are decent people that don’t drink and drive ,that don’t want to have sex with little kids and they run one of the best correctional facilitities in the U.S……

    They come from a great training ground here in McHenry County not” CROOK COUNTY” and they don’t like BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA……

    I’m sure McMahon loves” Barack “….

    Well people in McHenry County DON’T!!!!!……….

    Buy the way does TODD STROGER have any thing to do with McMahon’s job…..

    Maybe we should look into that………?????????????

  3. OH GHOST!!!! Are they gonna jump on you here!!! You’re correct, but they’re still gonna get ya!!

  4. WOW what loaded comments OBAMA Outstanding Big ASS Mistake Again or Todd Stroger who was given his job that would not happen here would it could it or does it? I think the people are voting out the bad people in office these days.

    Then implying a pedophile? I suppose you have pictures of this?

    Such charged statements!

  5. JUst — how many deputies have been convicted of DUI’s and are working for Nygren??

    2 cases against Mahon, both dismissed.

    40 some against Nygren and lost and will loose a lot more.

    Chicago money??? Nygren gets thousands from Chicago and Cook County – a lot more than Mahon ever dreamed of.

    Just — cut the bs.

  6. Decent people?

    Do decent people use a department paid for by the Crystal Lake police department as a “love-nest” while still married to his last wife?

    That seems pretty indecent to me.

    That is right, just.

    He was accused by a woman who was trying to cover for the lies she told about her credentials.

    You forgot to mention that she also accused several other people from the department for similar statements and threats.

    She was never able to find one person to substantiate her claims and could not even remember when they occurred.

    Court case thrown out.

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