Bean Stays in Her Bunker Twice More, This Time in Her Home Town

Here we go again

“Your votes for Obama Care, cap and trade and the stimulus have destroyed job creation and placed us in an unforgivable debt. “I also know you're afraid to face your constituents and defend those votes. A public servant who hides form the voters doesn't deserve to win...and you're hiding.” Full statement on YouTube below.

Below is the Joe Walsh campaign press release on Melissa Bean’s refusing to come to Barrington candidates’ debates/appearances.

Another Weekend, Two More No Shows From Melissa Bean

Eighth Congressional Incumbent Melissa Bean continues her string of not attending candidate forums and debates in the District.

She failed to attend a Candidate Debate on Sunday, October 17th in Barrington, hosted by the Barrington Tea Party. 60 Republican, Independent, and Democrat voters were in the audience and had questions for Ms. Bean.

Republican Challenger Joe Walsh was the only candidate in attendance and took questions for an hour. Ms. Bean’s office never even offered a reply to the host organization.

Also on Sunday, the Congresswoman failed to attend a meet the candidates forum hosted by the Lake Barrington Shores Association.

Candidates at the federal, state, county, and local levels all were invited to make individual presentations to almost 100 voters in attendance.

Bean’s office was contacted and wouldn’t commit one way or the other.

This behavior is consistent as her office has made it clear that she prefers to show up at events “un-announced” so as to minimize the number of folks in attendance asking her questions.

“It’s outrageous that Ms. Bean continues to avoid getting in front of the voters, ” said Walsh.

“She’s afraid to answer their direct questions. She has made it her policy to only show up at certain events in the district “un announced” so that constituents won’t be able to attend and ask her questions. This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

“Bean attacked Cong Phil Crane 6 years ago for doing the same darn thing and the local media chimed right in with her. The local media this year is silent when it comes to Bean’s behavior,” said Walsh.

“The fact that an Incumbent Congresswoman hides from her constituents and makes it a policy to show up in public as a ‘surprise’ should be headline news, ” said Walsh.


Bean Stays in Her Bunker Twice More, This Time in Her Home Town — 9 Comments

  1. Joe,

    Just because Bean doesn’t come to Walsh/Tea Party rallies and events that you call “debates” doesn’t make her a no-show. You have your rallies, she has hers. You want to debate her, attend the official debate at LWV this week.

    I know it is very frustrating to not be able to get any traction and I know it would be TOTALLY awesome if Melissa went to your rallies and made news for you, but you are just going to have try to do it without her help OK?

    You’ll be fine. It will all be over in a couple of weeks.

  2. I agree with Drew. He’s broke and lacks credibility. Attacking Bean personally is all he knows how to do.

  3. For the first year or so in office, Melissa Bean’s staff seemed personable and human. Then they went “corporate”. Long-winded, opinionated. Didn’t listen. Form letters. Email then went into “buckets”, where it could be counted but not understood (or even read?). And I realized that she had been assimilated. She was one of “them”.

  4. She needs to go. Maybe she can go hold hands with her buddy Pelosi.

  5. Drew – so I guess voters were supposed to go listen to Melissa Bean sing the praises of Jan Schakowsky and the teachers union activists at the recent EDDI awards banquet if they wanted to hear her defend her record?

    Maybe voters would like to know more about what was said there?

  6. The truth is, Walsh is running a Ponzi scheme of a candidacy. Who’s better for our district? Walsh is a wanna be DC insider, wifey too.

    If he wins, he’ll finally have a job! Nice for him to talk about jobs, when he doesn’t have one, and has never had steady employment.

    So, if he wins, by some miracle, he’ll have a job and a nice pension from us taxpayers! Even though, he’s never paid his taxes, and even had a federal lien against him for non payment of taxes! What a liar and a fraud Walsh is!

    Don’t be fooled by his phrase, you better “hold my feet to the fire”, because he is only out for himself! He even had his wife lie about his suspended drivers license in the Fall of 2009.

  7. All I know is that Bean has got to go. She voted against the will of the majority of the people in her district. Her teleconfrences are a joke where your questions are screened. If Walsh is a mess up then we can vote him out in 2012. But for now we must get rid of Bean.

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