Money Flows into O’Neill Campaign

John O'Neill

It’s not like some Republican state representative campaigns have seen, but over $35,000 coming into a campaign where his opponent millionaire Jack Franks spent more on White Sox tickets than Republican John O’Neill raised during the first half of the year is big news to the challenger.

The most interesting is from Two Party System, Inc. $22,353,66 in all, all in-kind donations:

  • $18,480.78 – Pro Rata share of Staff Time for Telephone Services and Supporting Technology Two Party System, Inc.
  • $2,316.88 – Telephone Services and Supporting Technology
  • $1,515 – Campaign Database Software Trail Blazer Campaign Services, Inc.
  • $41 – Mileage for Kristina Keats

And $5,653.52 from the House Republican Organization. The $653.52 was a poll, the rest in cash.

$5,000 came last week from Jack Roeser’s Republican Renaissance PAC.

Transferred from the McHenry Township Republican Team Fund was $1,500, plus $500 from McHenry County Republican Chairman and State Representative Mike Tryon and $200 from State Senator Dan Duffy.

Other sources giving more that $150 are

  • $450 – Kathleen Kuchta
  • $200 – Joe and Mary Alger
  • $200 – Maureen and Daniel Stephan

$33,452.18 in all.

Plus a lot of sweat equity on O’Neill’s and his volunteers’ part.

O’Neill is the first Republican in six years to challenge incumbent Democrat Jack Franks.

And Franks is so concerned about the Democratic Party label that his first mail piece made him out to be an independent, not a guy who asked Rod Blagojevich to appoint his friends and family to jobs and commissions.


Money Flows into O’Neill Campaign — 5 Comments

  1. Again, Mike Tryon is a gentleman, a true statesman, and honorable! Mike is always thinking about doing the ‘right thing.’

    Congratulations John, and God Bless you for watching out of the unborn!

    Thanks again Rep. Tryon for helping.

    Looking at Franks and Tryon, it’s amazing the differences relating to the level of care Rep. Tryon provides his constituents.

    It’s visible and palpable! Mike Tryon is obviously humble and goes about his business of helping without fanfair. He’s not looking out for the next television camera.

    Mike is looking out for the next ‘Neighbor in Need!’

    “TRYON FOR GOVERNOR” surely should be on the minds of McHenry County.

    Mike……..”He gets it right!”

  2. I think this is fantastic for John.

    It’s about time Jack and Keith go away.

    It’s about time we get a representative who actually wants to help Mchenry, like John does, and get rid of someone who just wants to advance himself like Jack does.

    John has already done more for this county in the last year than Jack has done in six terms.

    I’m glad the republicans can smell the blood in the water.

    It has always amazed me how Mchenry says they are sooo republican but the entire republican party snubbed john.


    Because McHenry politicans are about themselves, the don’t care if you a Democrat (in name only) like Jack or a turn coat Democrat like Keith if you can help Keith, Jack, Al & Gordon control Mchenry county then your in if not your out.

    It’s that simple.

    You can tell by the “were the power of Mchenry” mailer that Nunda township republicans sent out. John is some how missing from the mailer, must of been an oversight?

    We will all benefit from John being elected, So I beg of you McHenry stop the insanity know, vote Jack out and JOHN in.

  3. Timmieee,

    John O’Neil was not included on the Nunda mailer because he’s not on the ballot in any of the Nunda precincts.

    Nice conspiracy theory though.

  4. I stand corrected, embarrassed, and thank you for straightening me out.

  5. John O’Neil has attended many of the Nunda Township events………

    Nunda Township is working to help get O’Neil elected.

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