PACs Back Jack

Jack Franks doesn't have to run after PAC money. It comes because he has been office 12 years and is in the majority party planning on voting for Mike Madigan to continue to rule the Illinois House with the judgment that has put Illinois $13 billion in debt.

Political Action Committees tend to give most of their money to incumbents.

Running for a seventh term, Democrat Jack Franks qualifies as someone whom PACs would not want to offend.

Assuming he has not already offended a special interest group with money.

Incumbents like Franks get what might be called “insurance” money.

“Just wanted you to know that we still think you are important enough for us to support” money.

Here is a list of the PACs backing Franks from July 1s through Tuesday. At least one the list really shouldn’t be there. The Union Pacific Railroad should be on the non-PAC list. That’s because it appears to have written a check directly from company coffers, rather than running the contribution through a Political Action Committee, but it’s not a big mistake.

Again, I have highlighted in boldface type those with McHenry County addresses. By their nature, many PACs have members spread throughout Illinois, so a lot of the ones listed below have members living in McHenry County. Think lawyers, bankers, real estate agents, trucking companies, etc. Others have no direct connection like Chicago Alderman Ed Burke’s Burham Committee.

The contributions appear in descending order.

Political Action Committees

  • $2,500 – Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, Springfield
  • $2,500 – Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, Springfield
  • $1,500 – Illinois Lawpac, Springfield
  • $1,000 – Illinois Pipe Trades, Bloomington
  • $1,000 – Liberty Mutual PAC, Schaumburg
  • $1,000 – Realtor Political Action Committee, Springfield
  • $1,000 – Illinois Laborers’ Legislative Comm, Springfield
  • $1,000 – State Police Command Officers Assoc, Springfield
  • $1,000 – JPMorgan Chase & Co PAC, Chicago
  • $750 – DYN-PAC Illinois Dynegy Inc, Springfield
  • $500 – Illinois Fire Chiefs Assoc PAC, Bridgeview
  • $500 – Illinois State AFL-CIO, Springfield
  • $250 – Astellas Pharma US Inc, Deerfield,
  • $250 – Burnham Committee, Chicago
  • $300 – Carpenters Local 2087, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Community BancPac, Springfield,
  • $350 – IBEW Local 117, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Illinois BANKPAC, Springfield
  • $250 – Illinois Consulting Engineers PAC
  • $250 – Illinois Firefighters Assoc PAC, Colana
  • $200 – Illinois CPAs for Political Action, Chicago
  • $200 – Illinois Optometric Assoc PAC, Springfield
  • $250 – Mid-West Truckers Association Inc, Springfield
  • $500 – Painters Dist Council #14, Chicago,
  • $500 – SUAAction, Springfield
  • $750 – The Illinois Chamber PAC, Springfield
  • $250 – UFCW Local 881, Rosemont
  • $500 – Union Pacific Railroad, Chicago

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