What the League of Women Voters’ Moderator of the Walsh-Bean-Scheurer Debate Said about the Pledge of Allegiance

American Flag at the Washington Monument.

I took some time to jot down what the Lake County League of Women Voters’ moderator said about the 8th Congressional District debate audience’s insistence on reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before the Grayslake High School event.

“I have absolutely nothing for or against saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of something like this, but, in fact, that has never been part…”

At this point she stopped talking as the audience said the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I hope, I hope that that would be the last time I am disrespected.

“There is no disrespect—excuse me, excuse me—there is no disrespect for the flag when something in a forum which does not typically begin with the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t begin with it.

“There’s no disrespect intended.

“The League of Women Voters does forums like this constantly. This is the 4th, the 5th one I’ve done this year.

“It’s never been requested and I have to say that being forced by having audience members stand up in a presumably planned way to have to seems a bit disrespectful.”

You can listen for yourself below:


What the League of Women Voters’ Moderator of the Walsh-Bean-Scheurer Debate Said about the Pledge of Allegiance — 15 Comments

  1. WOW! She was disrespected by the Pledge? She should remember that respect is earned, not by her actions, or lack of them. If she feels disrespected, maybe she needs another vocation. This election is ALL about America.

  2. Folks, it’s not the saying of the Pledge that disrespected the moderator – DAH.

    Its the fact that she was interrupted by a few in the crowd and they decided for everyone that they were going to do what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it.

    They, fortunately, were not the moderator in charge of the debate.

    Would be no different, if someone decided to start loudly praying in the center of the forum.

    It’s not the praying that is objectionable, it is the fact that an invited guest to a debate does not get to determined for himself how the debate is conducted.

    That is the moderators job.

    I am however a little disappointed that Cal doesn’t start off each day posting the Pledge of Allegiance, maybe I can find a hacker who could do that for me on Cal’s blog.

  3. Disrespect or POOR PLANNING? The crowd could not plan this in advance unless they had an agenda. If the league has done these event before and we all know they have was the pledge forgotten then too.

    Are we Americans getting to complacent?

    At Sally Wiggins Fund Raiser for Judge, her son lead the Pledge of Allegiance, see photos on her facebook page.

    It is not about being green, pink, blue, red, Republican or Democrat it is about Patriotism and being blessed to be in the greatest country on earth.

    For to long those that want to bring this country down have tried to force the public away from conservative positions ( I am not saying this of the League) patriotic positions or even pray positions.

    The silent majority is waking up and alarm bells are going off to tell those that don’t like the American way of life to leave cause we are taking our country back from the neigh sayers.

    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States, and to the Republic for which it stands:one Nation indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.

    created June 14, 1923

  4. Who was the moderator of that LWV forum?

    It’s interesting to observe what meetings around the County begin with the pledge, and which do not. At least one judge in McHenry County Circuit Court begins the court session with the pledge; it’s always a pleasure to visit his courtroom.

    The Woodstock City Council does not pledge its allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands.

  5. What I want to know is, why does everyone presume that the folks who insisted on having the pledge were Walsh supporters?

    Aren’t we told day in and day out that we cannot question the patriotism of Democrats? Would Melissa Bean’s supporters, who applauded first when Bean first step onstage, not have had the patriotism to insist on the pledge?

    Also unremarked in this entire episode: Bill Scheurer was perhaps the only person who resolutely kept his seat and obviously did not join in the pledge. Not for the first time.

  6. I attended the forum and found that the Pledge request was not out of line, and was a bit embarrassed myself for not catching the omission before the gentlemen that suggested it.

    I’ve never moderated a debate and understand it can be somewhat of a stressful process, however it would seem as a moderator that you need to be flexible and a reminder to recite the pledge would seem to be one of those things that you would just role with, rather than insisting that it’s not on the agenda.

    It should be noted (through a short Google Search) that the moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, is a teacher in Evanston and Obama supporter, which might explain her disdain for the Pledge and people that question her.


  7. Probably would be better if the LWV forums WOULD begin with the Pledge WHEN they relate to some sort of government entity.

    Granted, I have little concerns when ONE person wants something that the rest do not want (his/her ox is being gored, in his/her own mind), but when the question was asked, her response apparently did not meet with the opinion of the majority, and the pledge was called.

    And, I have been in Judge Sullivan’s courtroom, and fully enjoy how he starts his docket with the pledge.

    Don’t want to say it, don’t; but the rest of us do, and realize just how much prior generations have given to allow us the honor.

    AND, I like the addition to the pledge, “Under God”.

    If it’s good enough for our money, it’s good enough for me!!

  8. I am lucky enough to say the pledge everyday in my classroom, and Sally Wiggins, the Independent candidate for Judge in McHenry County, did a very nice speech about the importance of reminding ourselves of the pledge to our country by saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day at her fundraiser this fall. She has committed that it will be a routine part of her courtroom proceedings. Elect Sally Judge!

  9. I just wish Joe Walsh and his idiotic friends would go away, preferably if they took Melissa Bean with them. They’re third grade understanding of American politics and history, not to mention “Patriotism”, is getting old…FAST.

    Have you talked to these people? They’re morons. They’ll believe anything that is told to them – so long as it’s “God’s word” or “conservative”, they’ll eat it up like candy. They’re no different than the liberal cretans that will oppose anything because it’s “God’s word” or “conservative”.

  10. By God I would conservatively say if you cannot even spell cretin perhaps you should mind the houses in which you throw stones.

  11. Another interesting footnote is that the moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, made two donatoins to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008 for a total of $1359 according to FEC records.

    It’s a free country, and she can donate to whoever she pleases, but it’s curious that the only forum at which Bean agreed to appear was run by very restrictive rules and moderated by a teacher, with two teachers screening all the questions down to a few which just happened to fit Melissa Bean’s favorite talking points, such as attacking Joe for opposition to the Department of Education (in favor of greater state and local control and parental choice to create more competitive schools).

    Just saying … it hardly seems to have been rigged in Joe Walsh’s favor as some seem to be trying to infer just because he had a supportive crowd in attendance.

    Why weren’t more Bean supporters there?

    Could it be that she can’t get many to show up these days?

  12. What kind of patriots are you people? The local high school band was not present to play the Star Spangled Banner. There was no minister present to lead the crowd in prayer. Those were massive oversights the League of Women Voters needs to correct ASAP. I have not read any comments about these shortcomings. Joe Walsh needs to include prayer, and I mean Christian prayer, in all his campaign appearances. America needs to be a Christian country like the founding fathers intended (except for Jefferson, he was a Unitarian).


    We are the ones voting for these candidates. The debate is for the audience no matter who hosts the debate. We are the American People and we are the republic that stands for freedom against tyranny! The candidates are selected by the voters to work for the people. Our taxes pay their salaries! They are supposed to do OUR Will and when they refuse we take their job and give it to one who will do THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

    What was that “teachers here on a ‘WORK NIGHT'” garbage about? What, like the audience members don’t work hard? Teachers work like 6 hour days and get summers off. Sure they have to grade papers and write lesson plans but that’s far from difficult. Trust me, most of the audience works harder and longer than teachers… We also get much worse in the way of benefits when compared to the teachers union benefits. Ever wonder why we keep throwing more money at the education problem and it only gets worse? I’ll tell you why, it’s FRAUD and they are stealing the money! Administrators making $150K+ a year for jobs that are only worth about $60k. One states teachers union blew $9 million on cosmetic surgery benefits! The union now says it will drop that benefit for the next contract cycle.

    I have no respect for little minded administrators with big heads! BRAVO for the crowd to stand up and force the Pledge to be spoken! When the revolution starts it will be the lawyers up against the wall first, quickly followed by the bureaucrats and the hippies! Anyone else who doesn’t like America can take a free ride to Afghanistan!

    I wanna wake up November 3rd and see the devastated remains of the Democrats and corrupt incumbent Republicans washed away by the Tsunami of the awaked voting public!

    Signed, MAD AS HELL and not gonna take it any more!

  14. Right on Dish! I’m so tired of the thuggery from the Walsh campaign! If you don’t agree with them they call you names and threaten. Hmmm what are they representing here? Not me, this year I’m sitting out and not voting for anyone in my dist. I voted for Walsh and then I found out what a complete fraud he is. And just because I think he’s a three time loser, I’ve repeatedly been called a bean plant. No, I’m for someone that has lived their own life as a conservative, not a DC wannabe, with zero credibilty as a true conservative.

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