Democrats Canvassing Lake in the Hills

Heavy hitters were out in support of McHenry County Board member jim Kennedy (second from right). From left to right are former Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Ouimet, current party Chairman Mike Bisset. To his left is former District 3 County Board candidate Mary Margaret Maule.

Today, after the rain stopped, I found four Democrats walking a precinct in Lake in the Hills.

With the Huntley water tower in the background, McHenry County Board member Jim Kennedy gains "a plus" by ringing this woman's door bell.

One of them was McHenry County Board member Jim Kennedy, who is up for re-election in District 5. He is running against fellow incumbent Tina Hill and John Jung, who was defeated by Paula Yensen two years ago, as well as Green candidate Frank Wedig.

The four were passing out literature for Congressional candidate George Gaulrapp and Lisa Madigan as well. At least that was the literature in the plastic bag I was given.

On both sides of Kennedy’s literature, the words “An Independent Voice” is prominent.

Here’s the text:

An Independent Voice

for McHenry County Board

Common sense and respect for working families will ensure government serves everyone fairly.

I make decision based on what’s right, not what’s popular or politically safe.

  • I continue to support transparency in local government.  The public deserves to know how we make decisions.
  • I have fought against county budget increases, and will continue to vote against tax hikes.
  • I will work to give businesses in McHenry County a fair chance to win county contracts.
  • I support the comprehensive 2030 land use plan.

The format is similar to that of Lori McConville’s. I invite you to compare the content.

Here’s the side where the address will be found when it is delivered to people’s mailboxes in the next nine days:

Click to enlarge.

You see the posed shot of the four campaigners at the top of the story. Do you like it better than the informal one below?

From left to right are Jim Kennedy, Mike Bisset, Mary Margaret Maule and Patrick Ouimet.


Democrats Canvassing Lake in the Hills — 10 Comments

  1. Jim must be special I haven’t seen the heavy hitters out for Mark Booras yet. Who knows maybe the’ll be out for Mark next week. I think mark would be a lot more Independent.

  2. Why do the Democrats insist on calling themselves Independent? The garbage that Jack Franks fills my mailbox with calls him “an independent voice” and now his boy Jim Kennedy says the same thing. Are they ashamed to be Democrats?

  3. George or anyone else getting Franks’ mailings –

    Would you please mail them to me at
    275 Meridian St.
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014

  4. The dems are all using the same template, Cal, because they are all working together unlike the republicans who fights like dogs in the primary

  5. My, My, Independents my butt.

    These are the same” DEMOCRATS” that gave us and supported, Barack Hussein Obama,Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank.

    Not to mention Obamacare, these are tax and spend “LIBERALS”.

    There afraid to run as Democrats, but should run as wolves in sheeps clothing.

    They want to take your hard earned money and distribute it evenly,especially to those that don’t want to work and never saves a nickel.

    Elect these people and not only will they take your hard earned money but will want to leave your children in serious debt.


  6. Point of clarification- I live and ran in District 4.

    Jim Kennedy voted against the pay raise for county board members. Voted to use attrition versus layoffs to control costs for the county.

    At least look at his voting record before you make claims.

    In fact, his record is more fiscally conservative than many Republican Incumbents.

  7. Jim Kennedy – a candidate who actually walks neighborhoods, knocks on doors, listens to people’s concerns and personally asks for his constituents’ vote.

    That’s a candidate worth voting for on November 2, 2010 in County Board District 5, because he’s earned it through hard work – the same work ethic he’ll bring to the County Board.

    Vote Kennedy!

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