Navy Cuts Brig Deal with McHenry County Sheriff

In his campaign to unseat McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren, Mike Mahon outlined $1 million in cuts he proposed for the department’s budget.

In reply at the McHenry County TEA Party’s forum, Nygren said he would not lay anyone off, but would find additional revenue.

In the press release below, which the Sheriff’s Department refuses to send to McHenry County Blog or make available in a format where the words can be copied and pasted in a searchable format, Nygren announces a contract to house Navy prisoners, which will bring in an estimated $83,000 a year.  $85 a day for each prisoner.

Click to enlarge. The Sheriff, who claims to run a transparent department, refuses to send press releases to blogs.

$927,000 to go.


Navy Cuts Brig Deal with McHenry County Sheriff — 9 Comments

  1. Good thing the Navy called, nygren sure wouldn’t know to call them. It’s great to see additional revenue for the County. Thanks Great Lakes. But keep in mind if Bozo was sheriff that same deal would have been made.

    Im still not sure how “committed to finding new and innovative ways to fund operational costs…”

    When the navy had to contact the sheriff. I would think if nygren was intune with the correctional facility closings in the area he would contacted the navy.

  2. Well Keith, now you can learn first hand what “Snorkling” really means!!

    This is laughable!!! Obviously desparate. All you did Keith was pick up your phone and say, “Yes.”

    You didn’t seek this contract out…….the WHOLE $83,000.00 fell onto your lap…just like the rest of your “Contract” money!

    All I can say is thank God the local press doesn’t print what you’re really up to.

    But, soon enough Keith, soon enough!

    Don’t forget to Come Up for Air Keith! “”Snorkle, Snorkle!!”

  3. But Bozo (Mahon) is not and will not be sheriff so I guess that we’ll never know, Paddy Boy.

    Don’t you think it strange that the Navy called all the way out to McHenry County when the Lake County Jail is in their backyard? Could it have something to do with the McHenry County Jail’s accreditation? The accreditation that you and the clown prince of cook county corrections try to dismiss?

    Bachmann? How are those meds working out Dave? Seems like you still need some “tweaking” or perhaps too much “tweaking” has gone on.

    Why don’t you join that nutjob Randy Quade and his wife, Evi, up in Canada. They seek political asylum believing that they will be killed by the wackers in Hollywood. About as far-fetched as your claims.

  4. Just picked up the phone?

    Now that is just silly… I am sure the Navy just threw a dart at the map to chose McHenry County, right?

    Anyone using basic common sense would realize the Navy had to look at other options, including the many closer options before deciding on who they actually believed could best handle the program.

    McHenry County gained this income based on the quality way the jail was run. Throw your partisan mud at this all you want, but bringing money into our county in ways such as this is a good thing.

  5. We have heard about the 61 million in revenue the Sheriff brought to the county but what does it cost?

    On the surface people might think income but it is NOT it is revenue.

    What is missing did it cost the county 72 million to make the 61 million?

    Over how many years did this money come in?

    Here is a case where figures lie and Li…. figure.

    If all the facts were know the numbers would not be very compelling. $85 a day and it cost us how much a day $80. $90 $100 a day?

    The net results could mean we earn $120 profit for the YEAR so send out a press release.

    Give all the facts not just the top line.

  6. Interesting… Mahon stooge McKenna takes issue with the deal cut between the US Navy and the Sheriff’s Office that will bring in about $83K and yet says nothing about the deal cut by Mahon with Local 700 of the Teamsters for their support.

    Local 700 is the union representing the Cook Co corrections personnel and clerk’s office.

    Among their recent notable accomplishments is the union’s work to prohibit the interim director of the Juvenile Detention facility to require a bachelor’s degree for their “social workers” and counselors. to me that doesn’t sound like a good move for anyone other than, possibly, the under-trained, under-qualified political hacks working there currently.

    Nothing wrong with them getting the training and becoming qualified, except in the eyes of the union apparently.

  7. And what is the cost to the McHenry County Tax payer for the average inmate per day? The average prisoner is around $60 per day.

    Those with mental health issues can cost almost $200 per day.

    That $85 is misleading, since it will cost a minimum of $60 per day to house that inmate.

    There is a big difference between a potential of 83,000 and 25,000. In reality, it could end up costing much more.

    Typical smoke screen numbers from our Sheriff.

    Nice try making up claims about Mahon having some sort of deal with Local 700.

    He never made them any offers, promises or potential dealings.

    He had a meeting with them not unlike the meetings he had with any other organization.

    He does not even have that kind of authority.

    What an ignorant comment

  8. Sara seems to speak with a great deal of authority. On the one hand she (and her compadres) suggest that the sheriff has signed a deal to bring in $61 million at a cost of perhaps $72 million and do so as if they were looking at the books. IOW, they expect us to believe that Nygren is so dumb that he’d rent beds at a loss.

    OTOH, I guess we, the voters, have to take it as an act of faith that the endorsement of Mahon by the very union he either belongs to, deals with, or both on a daily basis – the union that represents Cook Co corrections personnel, comes without strings simply because Sara says that it’s so.

    C’mon folks, of the two premises which do you find easier to believe or disbelieve as the case may be? The unsupported allegation that Nygren ‘sselling out the county and taking a loss on every bed rented (with the entire county board having access to the books) or Mahon and the union having nothing going on behind the curtain even though Democratic Gov Pat “Do you hear the voices too?” Quinn sells out the state for the union’s endorsement.

    You Democrats may be able to sell all that hope and change to the constituency in Chicago and Cook (along with a promise of increased welfare payments) but it won’t fly out here. We may have been born at night, but it for sure wasn’t LAST night!

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