Scott Lee Cohen Sends 4th Mailing

It’s Saturday and I found my fourth mailing from Independent gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen.

This one has an endorsement by National Taxpayers United of Illinois President Jim Tobin.

The side with the endorsement is so “busy” that I didn’t notice the endorsement until the second look. I can’t figure out what, no, looking at it the third time, I see the graphic has the shape of the State of Illinois on it. I guess it’s supposed to be a patient with an irregular heart beat.

It probably will resonate with medical types, but, being only on the patient side of the machine (and not this machine), I’m unfamiliar with it.

The address side has a clearer message: Vote early for Cohen.

Click to enlarge.


Scott Lee Cohen Sends 4th Mailing — 1 Comment

  1. the heart rhythm is ventricular fibrillation. the heart is not beating in any fashion consistent with circulating blood. it is ‘quivering,’ in lay terms, and unless treatment is applied, the fibrillation will cease and the heart will go into standstill without electrical rhythm. that is asystole or the flat line most equate with ‘death.’

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