Jim Kennedy Raises Little Money Since July for His Re-Election Bid

Jim Kennedy

$1,826.69 was what Democrat McHenry County Board member Jim Kennedy had on hand at the beginning of the July-September reporting period.

Just $45.

Perhaps his fund raiser hasn’t been held yet.

Like a couple of County Board candidates who have filed by paper, Kennedy has included information on how he spent his money. That is not a requirement of state law, although I think it should be.

Kennedy spent $1,558.06 on the following:

  • $705.00 postage
  • $668.43 on campaign literature from Chase Card Services in Wilmington, Del. (Sounds like this one needs an amendment. The vendor, not the credit card, needs identification.)
  • $182.61 office supplies
  • $9.09 fund raiser thank you notes

Kennedy reports owing himself $4,600 from his 2006 campaigns when he defeated Republican incumbent Perry Moy.

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