McHenry County League of Women Voters Allows Pledge of Allegiance

The sparce audience attending the McHenry County League of Women Voters Candidates' Night pledge allegiance to the flag.

After the bruhaha that occurred after the Lake County League of Women Voters was forced to withstand an audience member-initiated Pledge of Allegiance, the McHenry County affiliate started its program with the Pledge.  (Here’s what she said afterward.)

It wasn’t on the agenda, but the group was savy enough to allow it.

Maybe some local members watched Glenn Beck’s comments this afternoon on the Lake County League’s attempt to ignore the unifying

The video McHenry County Blog posted when only 304 had seen it on YouTube have now been watched by 36,233 people.

If you missed it, you can see it below:

From left to right giving the Pledge of Allegiance are Mike Mahon, Gus Philpott and Keith Nygren.

The candidates for Sheriff were on the stage went the Pledge was given.


McHenry County League of Women Voters Allows Pledge of Allegiance — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, thank the Lord that’s over with – can we actually get onto some relevant issues now at the debates? I’ll stop waving my flag now and put my listening ears on. I promise.

  2. Looks like your ‘supporters’ didnt show up tonight Keith….Place should have been packed for a man who claims 42 years of ‘service’ and ‘training opportunities.’

    That clock you told me that was ‘running’ on me, appears via all the documents and money trails from your front door leading straight to your clandestine life, has made a “U” turn…….

    From the looks of you, “YOUR” clock is ticking……

    I will survive you and your threats… But you wont survive what is coming your way…Legally speaking of course.

    I spoke to some guys down in your area of Mexico Keith…WOW! They provided some nice ‘accountings’ of your trip down there. You and Jose are certainly remembered down there. (not in a good way Keith)

    Tick Tock goes “YOUR” clock Keith………….! Its been a pleasure exposing you for what you really are.

    The rest will be coming out…..just time! The “truth” Keith, takes some time but we are just about there.

    If you’re connected to Nygren, best stand way back. You might have noticed if you have been following some things, that those of you who have been complicite in helping Keith, are also basking in the ‘Light of Justice!”

    If I were a GOP voter in McHenry County, I’d skip on past Nygren’s name on the ballot. You will soon see that was a wise choice.

    Adios Pindejo Keith.

  3. LWV did it right with a little help and guidence.
    Gus Philpot talked with the LWV and asked for the Pledge.
    I also asked and was told it was not on the agenda. I said really after all that happened in Lake County there is not 30 seconds for the pledge? I told them I thought they were asking for trouble and grief. I guess they got the message. a 30 second pledge verses days of defense on the issue was a step in the right direction.
    I just wish the sheriff would have answered the question on the $61 million on how much was earned from that number or maybe we lost money and not answwer the question.

  4. I thought that the moderator had to ask “Nygren’s Supporters” to restrain themselves?

    Must have been a few of them there, as I’m sure there were a few for Mahon, and maybe one or two for Gus.

    And, that the LWV had to even CONSIDER the pledge, in the light of Lake Co.’s debacle, shows their apparent lack of knowledge of the public’s reaction to it’s almost omission at a SCHOOL, no less!!

    They have to remember that this is “the heartland of America”, and not the left coast, where many normally show that they have the common sense of the average special needs squirrel.

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