Text Girl’s Crystal Lake Crash Pictures

The house on the corner is the one that was hit.

Here are the photos taken by Crystal Lake Police at the corner of Wedgewood and Country Club Drive:

The sixteen-year old girl didn't make the curve.

The curve exists because Lakewood Village Trustee Hal McKenney got what would have been the extension of Country Club Road to Huntley Road turned into a walking-bike path. That prevented the developer of Wedgewood from connecting its streets to what would have been a straight East-West road.

McKenney and his neighbors living in Country Club Additions got dead end streets from Gate 14 to Gate 21.

Text girl almost missed the house on the corner.

Guess the airbags were deployed.

Looks like some aluminum siding that will end up in the re-cycling bin before this house is sold.

Here’s what the house looked like after being boarded up:

The company who boarded up the house didn't leave a stenciled ad.

The press release can be found here, plus a photo of the CBS helicopter over Lakewood.


Text Girl’s Crystal Lake Crash Pictures — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, you’ve got a typo. “The curve exits because” I’m sure you meant ‘exists’.

    As far as the repairs, there will be quite a bit of structural damage caused by the trusses having their legs cut out from underneath them, especially where the roof line meets the house.

    Simply repairing the outer wall and supports would not be a proper repair since roofing valleys. etc. were all disturbed.

    They need a structural engineer to come in and approve what is needed so that it isn’t a quickie repair job.

    Someone should put a video up on YouTube to continue hammering away at why you shouldn’t text and drive.

  2. Thank you and other reader-editors for letting me know about corrections that need to be made.

  3. I realize this may be a gross generalization, but I’m going to say it anyway. What parent gives their undoubtedly newly licensed 16-year old a Lexus to drive?? Really??

    And from the pictures that were posted here, it seems to be a fair distance from where her car left the street and struck the garage of this house. How fast was she going to not have even noticed this, looked up and hit the brakes as soon as she felt she had jumped the curb?? Dang.

    Sadly too, I wonder if this will even stop her from texting and driving next time. I pray so.

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