Two NIU Cars in Galena Territory Day Girl’s Body Found

David Bachmann writes the blog entitled “Dirty Harry vs. Dirty Keith” strays from his criticism of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren today.

He lives in Galena Territory and has a handy camera to take photos of those visiting the place…at least of their cars.

A lot of influential types from the Chicago area make the trip.

One of the NIU cars found at Eagle Ridge Resort.

The day news was breaking about the discovery of a girl’s body in a wooden area next to campus, two NIU cars were at the resort called the Eagle Ridge Inn.

Co-ed Antinette “Toni” Keller disappeared last week, sending chills up and down the spines of the university student parents. Just in is news that the burned body found is hers.

Upon examination, he found “there was a full blown ‘Luncheon’ going on for the University Types.”

A second story publishes the first photos of a Galena Territory home that was torched, killing the couple inside.  James and Margaret Marnowski died in the fire.  Little progress seems to have been made in solving the crime.

I guess I should mention that those following the Sheriff’s race also read Zane Seipler’s blog “McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed.” That blog will disappear as soon as Nygren decides to rehire Seipler, because it is against standing orders for deputies to to opine.

Seipler won that from an arbitrator, which was upheld by a Circuit Court Judge. Nygren is now deciding whether to appeal that loss to the Appellate Court. Zeipler reports today that the deadline in October 28th, five days before the election.


Two NIU Cars in Galena Territory Day Girl’s Body Found — 5 Comments

  1. I am a NIU employee. Attending a function for “University types” is what we sometimes do.

    I would rather be at home with my family than try to make witty banter with strangers on a Sat. or Sun. afternoon, doing what I can to get them to either donate to a research program or hire us for a consulting position.

    These events aren’t necessarily for fun, and they bring money to this school and get its name out there as a place of academic advancement and innovation.

    It is terribly unfortunate what has happened to this young lady, but life at NIU must go on, just as it has after the Feb. 14th tragedy.

    It is even more important to attend these functions now so this school isn’t labeled as a place where ‘grisly’ things happen.

  2. “Fake Name” commentor writes:

    “I am a NIU employee. Attending a function for “University types” is what we sometimes do.”

    Good, maybe if YOUR child is murdered, in such a gruesome way, AND, while YOUR school is on LOCK DOWN…they will send you….anyway.

    Im sure you would ‘Take one for the team’ and bypass your grief and go for the money??

    After all, By attending this event, it has assured NIU isnt labled as a place where ‘Grisly’ things happen.

    Can you tell me please how attending a ‘Luncheon’ function at a posh resort, will make certain NIU isn’t labled? That is such an insane statement.

    Did the very nice banquet I witnessed ‘erase’ the event? Is that what you want us to believe?

    Yes, life Must go on, but at the appropiate time…

    Im sure the freightened students and the parents of these students, and the mother and father of this poor child understand YOUR IMMEDIATE NEEDS.

    You tie the behavior demonstrated by NIU to “MONEY,” How can I even begin to address a person such as you.. especially one hiding behind a screen name that sadly tries to portray you as educated, “Publius Valerius.”

    You’ve proven one thing….You’re an over educated idiot who is out of touch with the Families that are Northern Illinois University. You need a lesson in Ethics and Sensitivity.

    “Life at NIU must go on.” THE VERY DAY OF THIS HORRIFIC EVENT???

    Enough said………………..! I won’t lower myself to tell you what I really think. And for those who read my rants, know that I am really showing restraint. Out of respect for this entire situation….

    Let me also say this….I did not witness any moment of silence, nor was there a somber mood in the room.

    As matter of fact, 2 men and a woman walked out of the Luncheon and poked their heads into the workout room, (it is right next to the banquet room) and stated, “This is the Meca!”

    OH, one last question for this fake name person. Why were (2) separate NIU cars sent?

    If you stand by your argument, would you not agree that perhaps ONE representative would have been enough….? Accomplished your great hunger for cash?

    Why send everybody in two cars?

    Im sorry, I’m a logical and simple thinking man.

  3. To Mr. Bachman:

    I believe you mistyped your last sentence. It should have read “I’m a fool, emotional and simple.” This is of course giving you credit for simply being an ignorant and overly zealous misanthropoe, for your personal attack on an entire university for not living up to your standards is laughable.

    Based on your response, it appears you chose to breed rather than pursue higher education. Had your command of college exceeded the Saturday Football games and NCAA March Madness, you might have had some intelligent grounds for your attacks.

    NIU was never on “lock-down” for this tragic incident. Not to tax your lack of logic skills, but the young lady was not abducted or murdered on NIU property, therefore NIU was not a crime scene.

    Does the City of Chicago shut down for every murder? Of course not. While tragic and sad, and devastating to the friends and families involved, life indeed goes on. You have painted NIU as some unfeeling dysfunctional family when in fact its population is that of a medium sized city.

    NIU is one of the largest employers in its region. The also have satellite campus locations in several different venues. This could explain why there were two separate NIU cars if perhaps the logical explanation that NIU sent more than four adults to the conference thus necessitating the second vehicle.

    As to your childish rants that you want a public moment of silence on your terms at your convenience, you truly are the one in need of sensitivity training. Your gutter assaults on NIU and its personnel underscore exactly why institutions such as NIU sent you those “We regret to inform you” letters when you applied all those years ago. As my Grandfather said “The world needs ditch diggers too.” Go back to your ditch and keep on shoveling your putrid ignorant hate.

    You unreasonably expect the world to stick its collective head in the sand or you are simply demanding that the world adjust its reality to your warped viewpoint. At no time in your attack did you state you saw anything of the conference, only that food was going to be/was served. You have no clue what was discussed yet your self-righteousness empowers you to stand upon high and render judgement.

    While others work, you troll the parking lots of hotels taking random pictures of vehicles? Without any further knowledge, you leap to your conclusions. From this basis, you begin your lecture of how things out to be?

    Frankly sir, you are exactly the person whom could benefit from an institution. One with lots of sedatives and no access to the public.

  4. Got you didn’t I Barnes..!!! Feeling “guilty” Barnes?”

    Yes, while you ‘toil’ away at your worthless job because you can’t afford to ‘troll’ nice resorts on a regular basis, I continue my life ‘trolling’ away, with no need to lower myself to having to work with over educated idiots such as yourself.

    Let me guess, you’ve aspired to a masters degree or higher…perhaps I need to call you “Doctor.” as in PHD… as in, I can’t make it in the real world so I hide in institutions where I can pretent to be somebody.

    You’re only subjects are kids……

    The most fun I’ve had all evening was knowing that I took up your time to respond to the likes of me….

    Whose the real fool Barnes??? Now please excuse me, I have my pool and sauna at the resort that I live in awaiting my arrival. Perhaps a massage today a well!

    Good day.

    PS. Your local newspaper stated the school dorms were on “LockDown.” Perhaps the journalist were educated at your institution?? I know, I bet you even taught the person who published the misinformation.

  5. “Hey Barnes, I just saw this in the Chicago Tribune. (That’s a newspaper Barnes, just in case you don’t have time to stick your head out from the swank banquet halls)

    YEA BARNES, IM WAY OFF….Now perhaps you will take my advise, read the COMPLAINTS being lodged against people like you, NIU admin…Stay on Campus Barnes and help the kids…!

    I’ll say what the kids would like to say to you, based on what they are expressing.. F–K YOU! That’s for the kids, not for my benefit.

    :Head Lines…………..

    ‘Gloomy, dark’ on NIU campus

    DeKalb police release no new information in Toni Keller case

    The mood on Northern Illinois University’s campus was somber Wednesday, the day after authorities declared the case of missing freshman Antinette “Toni” Keller a homicide investigation.

    “It’s gloomy, dark,” said freshman Gabriele Pacheco, of Round Lake.

    DeKalb police released no new information Wednesday, so students were left with many unanswered questions about what happened to Keller, a freshman art student who has been missing since Oct. 14.

    On Wednesday, several police and fire vehicles were in and around Prairie Park, much of which was cordoned off with yellow caution tape. No suspect is in custody.

    “I don’t feel safe, not really,” said Sara Pezel, who lives next door to Keller’s room at Neptune Hall. Pezel described the atmosphere in the dorm as sad with “a lot of tension.”

    NIU officials have heightened security on campus, and escorts are available by request.

    “All just goes to prove my point Barnes… You over educated idiota! Yea Barnes, I can call you names in 4 different languages too.. all that ‘breeding’ I was doing with all those NIU foreign exchange students…Tu eres chinga pendejo!

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