Pledge of Allegiance Dispute on Glenn Beck Show — 9 Comments

  1. Wow. The Pledge of Allegiance spoken aloud was cause for the (teacher) moderator to scold the audience? And she thought SHE was being disrespected? It would have been so easy, more respectful to the audience/taxpayers/voters and less time commitment to simply have made a minor change in the agenda and say the pledge. It’s not like they wanted to do the Time Warp dance from the Rocky Horror Picture Show or recite another country’s words/anthem. But, Nooooooooo, the moderator had to rule with an iron fist and then pout when people disagreed with her on something so basic. It’s not like every minute, every second was assigned and the dismissal bell was going to ring.

    Way to go moderator. See the exit sign. Please refrain from any further moderating duties.

    FYI – time to grow up and get over your controlling attitude. Adults ask questions. Adults don’t agree with everything you say. You may get away with it with kids but apparently not with adults who are figuring out a lot of the nonsense they’ve been forcefed for decades. Pssst, this Country still belongs to its People and its People still believe in traditions like the Pledge. They remember the emotional impact of 9/11 and that our adult children in the service are fighting for U.S. They carry the flag and its meaning in their hearts. It’s important to them even if it’s a neutral concept for you.

  2. One hellava lawsuit coming to the Walsh Campaign for the video violation. The issue is not the Pledge, which no one finds fault with, it is the fact that Walsh and morseo his supporters feel they are above the rules.

    Walsh had the format three weeks prior to the debate.

    If the Pledge was SO important to him then he should have demanded it be added to the format.

    He did not, but insiders say he was behind this outburst.

    He pandered!

    Throughout the campaign, there is one thing that is ever so clear to people that witness his band of merry-men and women, they like to break the rules, disrespect those that have a different view.

    Well in just over 120 hours, the voters of the 8th will send a clear message, we are not taking the country BACKwards…we are moving forward.

  3. LCTRUTH doesn’t have the first clue what a legal argument is and, likely, is one of those who rails against a statute charging those who file frivolous law suits with fines or even crimes.

    The fact this person thinks The People speaking The Pledge in a public school, on land paid for with public funds, moderated by a teacher paid with public monies in an activity with the stated purpose of educating the children is somehow actionable in a court of law would be laughable if this was not such a widespread insanity.

    Joe Walsh, whether he was the puppet master of this “spontaneous outburst” or not, is an American. He believes in American ideals and he believes in the words spoken in The Pledge.

    Should a violent misfit like LCTRUTH want to abrogate The People’s right to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech I’d love to see what this person will offer us in the next four years if Bean is reinstalled in Congress.

    Perhaps Freedom of The Press is next to be attacked?

    How about Freedom of Religion?

    Keep trying to spin your hate LCTRUTH and the rest of us will rise up and stand again in a FAR more direct way than just speaking our beliefs.

    We may just decide to jail you hate mongers for your crimes.

    Today, you survive with a mere comment on a small blog in a little county from an inconsequential American….

  4. They keep calling the people phony patriots as though they are somehow winning an arguement.

    A room full of people recited the pledge and sat down quitely while the moderator then scolded them like children.

    This is not a party affiliation issue, but go ahead and make it one if you must, but you are just spinning in circles without logic.

    The LWV duo brought this on themselves and coined the “phony patriot” phrase about a military veteran in the crowd who ASKED if they were going to do the pledge.

    The rest of the room stood up and did the right thing!!!


  5. Walsh has lived his life as a freeloading liberal. If you look at his past, he has ran for office two times previously, as a social liberal, prochoice, & for gun control. He also said he is not some right- wing conservative. Just who is this person? When he loses on Tues, because of self-destruction, he’ll file bankruptcy and us true patriots will pay for his ponzi scheme if a campaign. Yes, if you believe Walsh is a true American patriot you are all disillusioned and our country is in bigger trouble than imagined.

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