Lawsuit Hinted re Pledge of Allegiance Recording

The big storm left this huge sign on Route 31 in McHenry a little worse for wear.

I don’t know if this is an indication that Melissa Bean’s campaign for re-election to her 8th Congressional District seat is in trouble or that a League of Women Voter member is really angry about the negative publicity engendered on the Glenn Beck show fed by a video from a cell phone that was forbidden by rules at the Grayslake event.

Melissa Bean supporter “LCTruth” posted the following comment on the Glenn Beck YouTube article. It threatens a suit against the Joe Walsh for Congress campaign.

I thought you might want to read it, even if you don’t always read comments, so here it is:

“One hellava lawsuit coming to the Walsh Campaign for the video violation. The issue is not the Pledge, which no one finds fault with, it is the fact that Walsh and morseo his supporters feel they are above the rules.

“Walsh had the format three weeks prior to the debate.

“If the Pledge was SO important to him then he should have demanded it be added to the format.

“He did not, but insiders say he was behind this outburst.

“He pandered!

“Throughout the campaign, there is one thing that is ever so clear to people that witness his band of merry-men and women, they like to break the rules, disrespect those that have a different view.

“Well in just over 120 hours, the voters of the 8th will send a clear message, we are not taking the country BACKwards…we are moving forward.”

I presume the threat has something to do with the negative publicity that the League of Women Voters got from this Glenn Beck video:

The McHenry County League was more open to voter education than the Lake County League.

Videotaping of the McHenry County League of Women Voters candidates forum was allowed a week after it was forbidden by rules of the Lake County League of Women Voters.

You can see that from the video camera in the McHenry County College Conference Center in which its candidates’ forum was held.

One can only wonder why the Lake County League imposed its regulations.


Lawsuit Hinted re Pledge of Allegiance Recording — 5 Comments

  1. I wonder if the “League” will sue the voters when Joe Walsh wins on Tuesday ???

  2. I’m sure that Walsh is so afraid of a lawsuit from someone who couldn’t barely show up to events-just as soon as they’re able to find out who did what to whom, maybe they can file; but it’ll go nowhere fast

  3. I don’t know how LWV can sue the Joe Walsh campaign if multiple (and there are multiple videos on YouTube) private citizens filmed the opening to this forum.

    Were the attendees screened for their political affiliation and segregated into specific seating areas?

    Is it completely out of the realm of possibility that the videos were recorded by Bean supporters to make the crowd look “out of control,” and the reaction backfired?

    The videos themselves are not marked with the Joe Walsh for Congress logo and cannot be attached to his campaign IMHO.

    I wish them luck on their lawsuit but it is only going to hurt their cause of wishing to present political discourse in an impartial manner.

  4. The moderator is the one who wouldn’t “let it be” when she scolded the audience AFTER the pledge was done. If they had then broken out into singing (gasp) “God Bless America” or held hands in friendship – what would her reaction have been? Should everyone have been arrested because they DID NOT break out into a riot, because they DID NOT throw things, because they DID NOT sit down with their hands clasped in front and their legs not crossed.

    I think that the people who are disgusted with how this went down probably have a lot of that disgust pointed at her.

    It isn’t the candidate the frustration is pointed at.

    It’s not the students or the school.

    It’s probably pointed at the moderator who many found intolerable or full-of-herself. If saying the pledge without her permission (as might be part of control in a classroom) got under her skin, her ability to run the forum is under question. Quality moderators roll with the “punches” at live shows.

    It is the decision to keep this public debate on public property hush hush that also contributes to the frustration.

    Here’s a thought to anyone threatening a lawsuit over the courage that came from the audience, – Let it be – or you will look even worse to the public you want trust and respect from.
    The Public isn’t the enemy.

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