Even Jack Franks Hasn’t Gone This Far

If you want to see how desperate Illinois Democrats are to keep enough Democrats in office to re-elect Mike Madigan House Speaker, consider the following fabrication:

This mailing would have voters think the non-incumbent Republican challenger Jeffrey Junkas is a pawn of Democratic Party House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Democrat Jack Franks, being challenged by Republican John O’Neill, is labeling himself “McHenry County’s Independent Voice.”

Of course, he won’t answer Tribune columnist John Kass’ question about whether he will support Mike Madigan for another term as House Speaker.

But Franks isn’t charging that O’Neill is a “pawn” of Mike Madigan.

Jack Franks' Lincoln SUV with State Rep. license plate 46.

Franks was campaigning in McHenry today.

The license plate on Jack Franks' Cadillac convertible is "BAC JACK."

But he wasn’t driving the snazzy Cadillac convertible he was the last time I saw him in Woodstock.

These teens were pointing the way to the Fun Fair Saturday. The Key Club, Student Council and Honor Society were raising money for UNICEF.

I thought he might have been at the Fun Fair being held at the McHenry West High School gym.  But he wasn’t.  I guess he was knocking on doors near John O’Neill’s precinct.

The kids loved the big fire truck and army vehicles.

The Fun Fair had a McHenry Township Fire Protection District hook and ladder truck with ladder fully extended to attract attention.

Swimmers lined up for their races late in the meet.

The reason I was at McHenry West was for the swim meet between the McHenry Marlins and the Zion Dolphins.

We sell pickles. As an incentive to sell all in a jar, we give away pickle juice after they are all gone. One girl drank about 24 ounces last year.

I was selling pizza and pickles.
= = = = =

Thanks to Illinois Review for publishing the absolutely false Kevin McCarthy mailing.

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