Halloween Decorations Thieves Caught on Tape in Lakewood

The following email came from a Lakewood resident to my computer last night.  All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

A local (Lakewood), Crystal Lake family is thinking about canceling Halloween at their house because thieves stole all their animation and extensive decorations on the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

And all of it was caught on their security cameras.

Lakewood Police were called on Wednesday morning.

Officer tells 10 year girl,

“Don’t expect to see those decorations again”.

What do we now tell our kids?

And why aren’t these police even interested in trying to catch these thieves.

When asked if they wanted a copy of the security disc, he says, sure you can drop it off at the police station, but then stops talking.

And then to top it all off, my wife calls for a copy of the police report, she is informed that it will take 5-7 days for it to be ready and it will cost her $5.00 for a copy.

We pay $22,000 a year in property taxes and they want to charge me $5.00 for a report, what do they need lunch money now!

= = = = =

So we have a really unhappy taxpayer.

Do you recognize the adult and two teens?

As you go trick or treating, be on the lookout for decorations that look like these.

With moral lessons like this, I would not be at all surprised to see the three arrested for some more serious crime.


Halloween Decorations Thieves Caught on Tape in Lakewood — 4 Comments

  1. To the wonderful family who took the time and shouldered the expese to display such an extensive display for their entire neighborhood to enjoy.

    My father decoraded our home with Christmas lights for years when my sisters and brother and I were kids. In 1968 somebody came by and with a knife, cut all the wires which in turn ruined the entire christmas display.

    My dad stated “That’s it, I’m never going to put lights up again!”

    Sadly, dad kept his word and never did put up another Christmas display.

    However, that was the wrong decision.

    With this in mind, I go out of my way every Christmas to put up a nice Christmas display to make up for lost years of joy that somebody had stolen from my family.

    The great thing about the stuff these “Punks” stole from you, is that its just that….”Stuff.”

    I know it was your ‘Stuff’ and with it Im sure went a piece of your heart…

    But, broken hearts mend, and Walmart will be stocked full of the same stuff you had stolen from you.

    They took your ‘Stuff,’ but please don’t allow this to take your wonderful spirit and the gift you obviously have of ‘sharing’ your zest for the Holidays with your family and neighbors.

    “Thugs” and “Punks” in the end, lose everything… Thing’s that Walmart cant ever replace. Their souls.

    Im saying a prayer for you and your family as I write this note.

    My prayer is that you never look back at this horrible thing that has happened to you, and enjoy every moment you have decorating your home with your family each and every year from this day forward.

    In the war of “Good vs. Evil,” the good always survive because a stong soul, is something Evil can never steal.

    God Bless you and your family. I’m sorry this happened to you. If you have children, show them you are not defeated. They will forever admire you and learn by the example you set.

    Winners never quit and quiters never win!


  2. Regarding this families frustration with the Lakewood Police Department. I am not surprised. I am posting a short version of a story that happened to me in 2008.

    Lakewood Residents vehicles were being vandalized and robbed at night for months. I found out exactly who the two young men who that were violating the residents of Lakewood. As follows:

    “Surveillance from this gang also had proved that two of the members of this ‘Folks’ gang were going into Lakewood, Illinois, and ‘robbing cars’ at night.”

    So, I took my personal time and went to meet face to face with the Chief of Lakewood Police. He was provided with the ‘exact names’ of said thieves, and the car description and tag number of the car the two men were using to go from Hebron, to Lakewood.

    Additionally ‘INTEL’ was provided to the Lakewood, Police Chief, of the fact that one of the men had a father who was a ‘convicted felon’ whose home in Lakewood was being used as a base of operations for the thefts.

    The Lakewood, Police Chief stated to the NW HERALD that he could do ‘nothing’ with the information I had so carefully and with great detail provided him.

    Your Lakewood Police Chief and Sheriff Nygren are buddies…….enough said?

    Let me also be clear on how poor Lakewood residents are protected, even by their Elected leader, Ms. Erin Smith.

    After your police chief acted as if he didn’t care, I sent Erin Smith 3 separate emails outlining how Unprofessional, and childish her Police Chief was and obviously still is.

    Although I gave him the names of the two boys who were victimizing her tax paying citizens, the description and tag number of the car they were using to go to and from Lakewood, your police chief looked at me and stated, “What do you want me to do with this?” (information)

    If you follow the link I will provide at the end of this ‘rant,’ scroll down to the lower portion of a story I had posted about the drugs in Hebron.

    You will see a brand new Motor Scooter… One of the theives, Kyle, drove this scooter. He was one of the guys robbing Lakewood Citizens. The other Kids name was Quinn Englehardt of Hebron.

    This is how detailed I was to your police chief.

    Village President Erin Smith, NEVER returned a single email that I had sent to her telling her she has a real problem with her Police Chief Lawrence Howell.

    I have worked with law enforcement for several years at a much higher level than Lawrence Howell will every reach.

    In my constitutionally protected professional opinion, Lakewood Police Chief Lawrence Howell is nothing more than a Political pawn of Keith Nygren.

    Erin Smith wants your money to build a monument to herself. She has stolen your land, she will tax you to pay for her ‘dream…’ Yet she can’t return an email when SHE WAS WARNED that she has a real problem with Police Protection for her citizens.

    Now, the “Warnings” I provided, have come home to roost and a young girls image of Halloween fun will be tarnished for life.

    Rally around this family citizens of Lakewood, Demand accountability. Get rid of Erin Smith and Chief Howell….. obvious they are a useless yet expensive resource that must be disposed of. IMMEDIATELY!


  3. Everyone knows that Chief Howell is a joke. He’s typically at Lifetime Fitness most days. Our neighborhood hosted “Pizza with the President” (with Erin Smith) this past Monday.

    Several residents voiced their overall displeasure with Chief Howell. It remains to be seen if anything with come of it.

    Notwithstanding, Erin Smith lied on several points during the neighborhood meeting.

    She’s politicized the need for a new water tower, which by the way wasn’t even the number 1 recommendation in the 2006 water study!

    Lakewood residents beware!

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