McHenry County Tea Party Issues Endorsements

This is the group that sponsored

The McHenry County TEA party sponsored the Sheriff's debate. From left to right are Gus Philpott, Mike Mahon and Keith Nygren.

Here is its endorsements for Tuesday’s election:

McHenry County Tea Party November 2010 Candidate Endorsements

We have released our list of candidates that we believe will fulfill our mission, to promote and defend the Constitution, our freedom and liberty, limited government, sound money, and free markets.

We understand there will be concern about 3rd party candidates taking away votes from the Republican or Democratic candidates. In the offices we chose 3rd party candidates, we believe in voting for principal over party. We do not believe in the lesser of 2 evils.

Once in office, it is our responsibility to hold these candidates to their principles.

Governor:                                Lex Green

US Senate: Mike Labno

Comptroller:                            Julie Fox

Attorney General:                   Steve Kim

US Congress 8th District:        Joe Walsh

US Congress 16th District:      Don Manzullo

US Congress 14th District:      Randy Hultgren

State Rep, 63rd District:          John O’Neill

State Rep, 64th District:          Mike Tryon

McHenry County Sheriff:       Mike Mahon

Circuit Court Judge:               Sally Wiggins


McHenry County Tea Party Issues Endorsements — 2 Comments

  1. According to WorldNetDaily, an influential Democrat operative reports that some “senior personalities in the Democratic Party have discussed with President Obama’s advisers the possibility of him not running for re-election in 2012.” It would be best for the party if Obama did not seek re-election in 2012, and more than one discussion has been held on the matter with Obama’s top advisers, according to the party operative, writes Aaron Klein.

    And so the revolution grows! What will ol’ Barry do after he’s neutered on Tuesday?

    Go Tea Party!!

  2. With all the hoopla over electing our Nations first black President, it sure is a shame as well as a total disappointment that it had to be an activist like Obama. Too bad it wasn’t someone like Colin Powell, an American statesman, retired four-star General in the United States Army, and the 65th United States Secretary of State.

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