Two-Page Ad Against Nygren Runs in Northwest Herald

Saturday night McHenry County Blog gave reads an advance look at the $5,000 “Boss Hog” ad to be run in Monday’s Northwest Herald.

This version is easier to read, but below you see what I saw when I put it on the floor and took a picture of it:

Two pages of hits on McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren ran in the Northwest Herald today.

Will the beneficiary be Democrat Mike Mahon or the Green Party’s Gus Philpott…or both?


Two-Page Ad Against Nygren Runs in Northwest Herald — 15 Comments

  1. Wow CAL!!!!!!

    Could your hate for Nygren be any more apparent???

    Maybe you could take your website off line and just put up a vote mahon banner????

  2. A small price to pay for “Justice” and “Truth!”

    I can’t contain my laughter… Ole ‘Dirty Keith!!!’ Has tangled with the wrong “Men” this time……..!!!

    It’s going to get better McHenry County……! Either way, Nygren will not be around for long!!!

    The “Interviews” Keith…….The “Interviews!!!” It’s all true readers!

  3. Voters, ever wonder why you never saw any ‘arrests’ after the NW Herald announced the great Keith Nygren ‘busted’ yet another ‘Drug Field’ near his home???

    Here is why……………..

    Carefully, and slowly read this post and the post that immediately follows.

    Tomorrow is your opportunity to finally begin a new life…A life without false police protection, A life without corruption and back room dealing…..!!

    A life of “TRUTH!!”

    Proracer…What’s the problem… I’ve never seen you make a comment like that to the NW Herald or Daily Herald when they printed anything the “LIAR” Nygren spewed to further his “Clandestine” operations.

    Tonight, is the beginning of the end of Keith Nygren as Sheriff of ANYTHING… and Im not just talking about any elections!!

  4. All of the information in this ad is correct.

    The NWH never would have printed it otherwise.

    Read it completely and educate yourself.

  5. To answer the question who this ad will help, it will help Nygren. People are tired of this type of gutter political attack. This is nothing but old fashioned Cook County mud slinging and McHenry County voters will reject it.

  6. Hmmm – “gutter political attack”?

    “Are You Kidding” – Answer me this – some are saying it’s all true. In fairness, tell me which parts are lies.

  7. “AreYou Kidding” –

    Are you also Pro-Blago and Ryan as there was so much “mud slinging” surrounding them?

    Wrong is wrong…regardless of how it is brought to the voters attention.

  8. It is ALL TRUE.

    This paper is Nygrens shill.

    They went over this with a fine tooth comb to have an excuse to refuse it.

    They could not find anything.

    This is what happens when you stomp on enough people and bully them. They get the money together to expose you.

  9. For Dee and Alan,

    So I could say…

    Alan beats Dee?

    Is Alan’s home a Heroin den where little children are abused?

    Are McHenry county taxpayers including Alan and Dee on the hook while McHenry County is sued over Zane Sieplers fatal shooting of another citizen?

    Does Earth Mother actually put on a Dress and disguise his voice when he is pretending not to be Zane?

    Hey I am just asking questions so you can’t say I am lying, right?

    My point is the Mahon and his campaign went into the gutter because that is who he chose to be. I respect that Nygren stayed out of the gutter political ads despite the fact that Mahon’s history was ripe for such public attacks if that is who Nygren chose to be.

    Nygren could have taken out full page ad’s about Mahon’s DUI, suspended license, and even the very ugly quotes from court documents in Mahon’s sexual harassment case…It all would have been TRUE…but I respect Nygren for staying above it and not stooping to Mahon’s level.

  10. “Are you a moron”, is everyone that writes against your leader actually Zane. Do you think he is the only voter out there that hates Nygren, because there are thousands. This is not the bully’s county, this is our county. It is time for new leadership in the SO and the rest of the state. Vote MAHON, there is still time.

  11. Walrushunter, actually I believe I was the one who used that example, or do you think there is only one person out there that supports Nygren? 😉

    Although it kind of sounds like I struck a nerve the exact point is that you can ask any kind of crazy question it does not mean by asking the question it is proof of the affirmative.

    So just because I asked if it was possible that Earth Mother is a scary version of Zane dressed up in a dress and using a fake voice it is in no means proof that he does. To use such behavior in a political attack ad something that disgust many.

    Following, yet?

  12. Just curious, are you kidding, just asking, notawannabee, what’s the difference. They are all people riding the Nygren gravy train . Promotions, county contracts, favors, etc. Nygren needs to go retire in Florida. This time on his own dime.

  13. Is it true that the “Walrushunter” is a patrol deputy passed over for promotion based on merit – or rather the lack thereof? I thought this (the election and running a department) was about the elected officials who run the department, not some disaffected, union slug who feels they are owed something by virtue of the fact they have managed to hang onto their job while being a marginal employee. Not even living in the Hebron area AND being a staunch union supporter has helped you, has it?

    This is not intended to unfairly blast many of the fine police officer – both county and city – who belong to the union (FOP) and I trust that an intelligent reader will see that. They, like most everyone, will agree that that in order to afford deserved protections to all members they must stoop low to afford that protection to the least of their membership which, I’m told, the Walrushunter defines.

    Tomorrow will dawn and you’ll still have a job, you’ll still be a marginal employee, and you still won’t be worthy of promotion – except in your own small mind.

    Not much else we can say, can we?

  14. Bil.., er, Walrushunter… I won’t tell you I told you so but…

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