Message of the Day – Fog

Fog on Crystal Lake, Illinois

Last Friday morning this is what Crystal Lake looked like right after sunrise.

Will this represent voters minds as those who did not vote early go to the polls?

Many will undoubtedly decide to remain in the fog and avoid voting at all.

I trust none of those read McHenry County Blog.

Democracy is a participatory sport.

Those who don’t vote truly are abdicating their responsibility to assist in the governance of our country, state and county.

There is so much at stake at all three levels of government.


Message of the Day – Fog — 1 Comment

  1. Yes agreed, “Democracy is a participtory sport”

    Please vote … so we keep Democracy from becoming a contact sport.

    Best Regards,
    Sally Oeffling Wiggins
    Independent Candidate McHenry County Judge

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