Tom Roeser Sees Joe Walsh Win

Tom Roeser

WLS-Radio Sunday night talk show host Tom Roeser publishes election predictions today on his blog, along with those of Russ Stewart.

He is the first I have seen predict that Joe Walsh will beat Melissa Bean in the 8th Congressional District.

U. S. House Races Nationally. Stewart sees Republicans gaining 50 seats and taking control. Roeser sees the gain at 70 seats. In Illinois Stewart predicts GOP wins in the 11th with Kinzinger; the 14th with Hultgren; and the 17thwith Schilling besides holding the 10th with Dold. Roeser sees all of the abovementioned winning plus Joe Walsh (8th) over Bean and Joel Pollak (9th) over Schakowsky in a big upset.

Of course, there was the WeAskAmerica poll on Oct. 31st that showed Walsh ahead of Bean 48.7% to 45.7%.

The New York Times’ Nate Silver adjusted his odds that Bean would beat Walsh downward slightly.

The odds maker at the New York Times gives Melissa Bean an 88% chance of re-election. That's down from 905.% before the poll results were released.

The race will have over a seven point spread, according to the blogster:

52.9% to 45.5%

That would leave only 1.6% for Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer.

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