Voting at Crystal Lake’s Main Beach House

Voters got shunted into the little room without a lake view again today.

So much for the Park District’s being able to recognize that voters might like to see what their tax dollars have bought.

One good thing was that no one was at the gate to collect the Main Beach tax.

I can’t believe the Park Board charges us to get in during the summer.  After all, this is the neighborhood park for many of us.

Not that kids in my neighborhood use the beach, but I remember when my son like to play on the swings and run around the Leathers edifice.

In the foreground you see Caleb Johansen, judge of election for the fourth time. He is doing independent study at home to prepare to earn college credits on the cheap. The other young man is MCC student Jacob Byer.

Two polling places are in the little room. Besides my Algonquin 7 precinct, Algonquin 19 votes there.

Here's the Algonquin 19 side of the backroom at the Main Beach House. The man standing up is Joe Stecker, the Republican precinct committeeman. The Democratic precinct committeeman is Lori Keller, who is the election judge closest to the camera.

At four o’clock 172 people had voted in person in Algonquin 7.

This man, voting by computer, was initiating his son into the duties of citizenship.

51 voted by computer.

There was a full house at the paper ballot voting stations.

121 voted a paper ballot that was scanned into the counting machine.

That’s a total of 172 for Algonquin.

Algonquin 19 had had 200 votes, all but one paper.

Algonquin 19 has more voters, but with early voting and unlimited absentee voting, it’s pretty difficult to figure out what percentage of the register voters have cast ballots in each election jurisdiction.

In 206, the last off-presidential year election, there was a 57.2% voter turnout.  258 of the 451 who could vote did so.

Four years ago, the turnout in Algonquin 19 was 43.1%.  273 of 633 people eligible to vote did so.

Countywide there was a 44.4% turnout. 82,725 out of 186,323 registered voters cast ballots.


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  1. I was a poll watcher in Hainesville and by 1:00 there were over 600 paper votes for the four precincts that voted there. It was a steady stream and the poll judges hadn’t even stopped to eat their lunch. Channel 7 reported that the turnout in Lake and McHenry County as well as northern Cook County was heavy, especially McHenry. We will soon know who this favored.

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