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The Republican Party wins 11 of 19 U.S. House Seats in Illinois, but Bill Brady is behind in the gubernatorial count.

Eleven out of 19 is a pretty darn good showing for Republicans in Illinois for U.S. House seats.

A gain of 4.

Pretty much unheard of.

However, it looks like the Republican Party can use some support in the suburbs to get State Reps elected.

Only 1 gain in the burbs at the State level.

Rumor was it that House Minority Leader Tom Cross didn’t send many resources our way, something that could have indirectly helped Bill Brady become governor.

How good was the effort to get out the Republican vote in McHenry County?

Bill Brady got 53,554 votes in McHenry County, but the total of the three Republican State Rep candidates got more.

  • District 64 – Mike Tryon 26,253
  • District 63 – John O’Neill 13,212
  • District 52 – Mark Beaubien 15,017

Total 54,472

What do you think?

All of the vote totals are from the same source, mcvote.com


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  1. Cal

    theses state reps does not hurt the unions. Bill Brady recieved more votes than he deserved. Brady is a millionair scab, this election shows that dont mess with the unions thats why Brady will lose.

    Work with the unions!! not against!!

  2. I guess what frightens me a bit about the Republican victories is when I hear some of the winners say that their mission is to work against Obama at all costs–to see him fail.

    I’d *much* rather see people work together for the American people.

    If Obama fails, don’t we as a country fail as well? If the next president–be he/she Democrat or Republican–fails, isn’t that a failure for us all?

    It seems to me that a selfish goal such as making sure anything the current administration proposes is stonewalled is nothing short of childish.

    Please don’t waste my taxes by voting against every program, bill and improvement just because they’re backed by the opposition.

    There is a time to work together, and that time is now.

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