Personal PAC Lists Winners This Fall

Drum roll, please.

Here are the names listed on Personal PAC’s web site.   Personal PAC is the most strident pro-abortion political action committee in the country.  I have put in boldface type the ones from McHenry County.

2010 General Election Winners

Congratulations to all of the pro-choice candidates who won on November 2nd!

Statewide Executive Officers

Governor & Lt. Governor:                             Pat Quinn & Sheila Simon
Secretary of State: Jesse White

Illinois General Assembly: Senate
04- Kimberly Lightford
07- Heather Steans
10- John Mulroe
13- Kwame Raoul
19- Maggie Crotty
22- Michael Noland
40- Toi Hutchinson
46- David Koehler
52- Michael Frerichs

Mark Beaubien

Illinois General Assembly: House of Representatives
001- Susana Mendoza
002- Edward Acevedo
003- Luis Arroyo

004- Cynthia Soto
005- Kenneth Dunkin
007- Karen Yarbrough
009- Arthur Turner
010- Annazette Collins
011- Ann Williams
012- Sara Feigenholtz
013- Greg Harris
014- Harry Osterman
016- Lou Lang
017- Daniel Biss
018- Robyn Gabel
021- Michael Zalewski
023- Daniel Burke

024- Elizabeth Hernandez
025- Barbara Flynn Currie
026- William Burns

027- Monique Davis
028- Robert Rita
029- Thaddeus Jones
030- William Davis
034- Constance Howard

038- Al Riley
039- Maria Antonia Berrios
040- Deborah Mell

Jack Franks

043- Keith Farnham
044- Fred Crespo
050- Kay Hatcher

052- Mark Beaubien
053- Sidney Mathias
056- Michelle Mussman
057- Elaine Nekritz
058- Karen May
059- Carol Sente
062- Sandy Cole

063- Jack Franks
065- Rosemary Mulligan
067- Charles Jefferson
078 – Camille Lilly
080- Anthony DeLuca
084- Tom Cross

085- Emily McAsey
092- Jehan Gordon
103- Naomi Jakobsson
114- Eddie Lee Jackson, Sr.

Cook County Executive Officers
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle
Cook County Clerk David Orr
Cook County Sherriff Thomas Dart
Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas
Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios

Cook County Board of Commissioners
01- Earlean Collins
02- Robert Steele
03- Jerry Butler
05- Deborah Sims
Joan Patricia Murphy
07- Jesus Garcia
09- Peter Silvestri
10- Bridget Gainer

11- John Daley
12- John Fritchey
13- Larry Suffredin
16- Jeffrey Tobolski

Remaining Endorsements

Donna Kurtz

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Mariyanna Spyropoulos

Appellate Court: 1st Judicial District: McNulty Vacancy James Epstein
Circuit Court: Cook County Judicial Circuit: Bronstein Vacancy

Terry MacCarthy
Circuit Court: Cook County Judicial Circuit: Hayes Vacancy Raymond Mitchell
19th Judicial Circuit � 4th Sub Circuit � A Vacancy Mark Levitt

Lake County Board

Tina Hill

7 – Steve Carlson

23 – Anne Flanigan Bassi

McHenry County Board

2 – Donna Kurtz

5 – Tina Hill


Personal PAC Lists Winners This Fall — 9 Comments

  1. I thought it was a pro-choice PAC? Where do you get off on calling these people pro-abortion?

  2. Larry,

    Candidates who are merely “Pro-Choice” are not good enough for Personal PAC. Listed below are some of the statements which those endorsed by the PAC must agree to.

    * Will you SUPPORT legislation to repeal Illinois’ 1995 Parental Notice of Abortion law?
    * Do you SUPPORT Personal PAC’s position that the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act of 1995 violates Illinois Constitutional rights to equal protection and privacy?
    * Will you OPPOSE legislation that places bans on abortion procedures but does not include an exception to protect the woman’s health?
    * Will you SUPPORT legislation restoring abortion coverage under the state Medicaid plan?
    * Will you SUPPORT legislation to restore state employee’s health insurance coverage for abortion?
    * Will you OPPOSE legislation banning embryonic stem-cell research?
    * Will you OPPOSE legislation that would require a woman to view an ultrasound before she could have an abortion?
    * Will you SUPPORT legislation requiring medical supervision when an ultrasound is performed on a pregnant woman?
    * Will you SUPPORT legislation guaranteeing access to FDA-approved drugs, including ED and other birth control medications?
    * Will you OPPOSE legislation mandating that a physician who performs an abortion be required to first show a patient materials about fetal development, at various stages during pregnancy, and other state mandated information designed to dissuade a woman from having an abortion?
    * Will you SUPPORT the availability and accessibility of family planning services for everyone in Illinois regardless of age?
    * Will you OPPOSE legislation which mandates parental consent or notification before a minor can receive contraceptive care?
    * If elected do you plan to act in a manner CONSISTENT with your answers to the above questions?

    In addition, 2009’s HB2354 (the Reproductive Health and Access Act) which was resurrected in 2010 as HB6205 is Personal PAC’s dream bill which among other things would have destroyed any chance of enacting the Parental Notification law which was passed in 1995 and has been held-up by Lisa Madigan and the activist courts, overturned the Partial-Birth Abortion ban, and would have taken away any responsibility doctors might otherwise have if they killed or injured a woman during a botched abortion attempt.

  3. Why didn’t you highlight Republican Rep. Mark Beaubien of the 52nd district which has a good chunk of McHenry County in it?

  4. Thanks to “Observer” for pointing out my omission. I guess I figured there would not be an endorsement in a race with no opponent.

  5. How many soldiers have died?

    in the war for oil that as the record states Republicans lied about WMD’s to start.

    And are they are still dieing because of the lieing continues to go on in Washington.

    Family haters because you send, Dads and Brother and sons and Daughters to die for your profits so your stocks don’t loose interest, Hypocrite.

    You are most likely the ones who spit on our soldiers who return from fighting your political war.

    You believe in a dictatorship that everyone has to do what you say or they are scum.

    This is america if you want that kind of Government go to Russia.

  6. Don’t worry in 2 yrs when the people who got elected, Don’t do what they claimed, the same thing will happen to them that just happened to the Dems.

  7. Jeff,

    How many soldiers have died? 5000 more or less. I grieve for them.

    However, as cold as it may sound, they did volunteer for military service, we do not have a draft at this time. Each and every one of the precious men and women who have died in the service of our nation knew the risks going into the military.

    On the other hand, over the same 8 year period there were 12 million babies who were killed in the name of choice.

    Please be careful when making statements like, “You are most likely the ones who spit on our soldiers who return from fighting your political war.”

    I honor the brave men and women who willingly fight for our republic.

    I am outraged that on this anniversary of the founding of the US Marine Corps, you would point your accusing finger at somebody merely pointing-out what a Personal PAC endorsed candidate must agree to in order to secure their endorsement and funding.

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