Time to Think About Running for Local Office

Election petitions for

  • school board
  • junior college
  • city and village
  • park board
  • fire protection district
  • you name it

are available for circulation.

Cal Skinner, Sr.

It doesn’t take many signatures.

Two bits of advice from my father.

He would ask people coming in for advice…

“Are you ready to serve?”

The answer was usually a hearty, “Yes.”

The second question was tougher:

“Are you ready to lose?”

I’m pretty sure a number of people reflected on the latter question and decided not to risk the blow to their egos that an election defeat brings.

As something of an expert in losing (my record is 18-4), I can tell you that it has taken me about six months to recovery each time I lost (for Congress in 1980, State Comptroller in 1982, state rep. ten years ago and Governor in 1982). Well, maybe less than six months when I ran for Governor as a Libertarian against Rod Blagojevich.

But, as Dad use to say,

“You know who will be in office if you don’t run.”

Reflecting on that often spurred people to risk the downside of losing.

Having been in the arena, I hope people understand that I admire anyone brave enough to put his or her name on the ballot. That’s why I am willing to publish press releases from any local candidate.

You compose them, I’ll give them the light of Google and Bing.

What you see below is an email Hartland Township Supervisor Ev Evertsen sent out to encourage people to run for local office.  It stimulated this post.

All politics are local.

How many people are following the local elections scheduled for next year?

Most local offices are up for election next year. Know any good candidates?

How about you?

Do not know how to go about it?

Contact me or go to this web site.

Some offices up for election next year: School Boards, Park Districts, Town / Village / City governments, Library Boards, Community College Trustees, Fire Protection Districts.

Fire Districts tend to spend your tax dollar without much scrutiny. Ever read the budget for a Fire District?

It’s time for those who are dissatisfied with the way things are being run locally to think about stepping up to the plate.

What do you pay most of your property tax and a large portion of your state sales and income tax for?

That’s right, the schools!!

I hope we get some people running for school boards who are not teachers or close relatives of teachers who will tend to vote in favor of wage increases for teachers!

It would be very refreshing if those who complain about our political landscape would step up to the plate and run for office!!!



Time to Think About Running for Local Office — 4 Comments

  1. I guess you have to read here what’s going on.

    Funny how the NWH doesn’t have this info posted to their web site. But you can read a largely meaningless AP story about the vote counting.

  2. With all the crap you and your ilk sling at people from your bully e-pulpit, why would anyone with good intentions want to subject themselves to your twisted brand of scrutiny?

  3. Larry Horse, if you are so offended, why read it? Your comments aren’t going to change any minds.

  4. Hey Horses a$$:

    Your comment is truly typical of your ilk. How about making a point, addressing an issue, or making a logical argument. Nope can’t do it can you? So you result to making posts that slam somebody but can’t make a logical, sensible cohesive point.

    I will make this easy for you, and you need all the help you can get. Please tellus all what crap is being slung in this article.

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