Algonquin Township Assessments Published in NW Herald Tuesday

The Algonquin Township Assessment List published Nov. 16, 2010.

When I picked up a copy of the Northwest Herald today while buying my favorite citrus tango salad at Colonial Cafe this afternoon, I thought it seemed thicker than normal.

When I got home, I figured out why.

It dedicated two sections to the publication of the Algonquin Township Real Estate Assessments.

The cost if you buy a copy of today’s newspaper is 75 cents.

If you wait until tomorrow, you can still buy the assessment listing from the NWH, but it will cost $2.50.

So, if you live in McHenry County’s largest township and are interested in the publication, it would be best to buy it on the newsstand or find some other place to find a copy.

Appeals for Algonquin Township are due December 16th.

People who have an appraisal can use it as evidence.

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