Net Appears to be Closing on Prostitution Ring

First it was prostitution arrests in Hampshire and Crystal Lake.

The Illinois State Police were called in.  Turns out it was the Illinois State Police North Central Narcotics Task Force.

The name plate outside the Crystal Lake prostitution arrest office read "The Healing Touch." Note that "East West Healing Touch" is not the name outside the door, although that was the apparent corporate entity.

When I asked for details, I got very few about the illegal activities at East West Healing Touch, 900 Pyott Road in the Crystal Lake office.

Ongoing investigation was the refusal reason.

Both women arrested were oriental.

Perhaps Chinese.

If so, this story about how Chinese illegals get

  • to American without visas,
  • arrested at O’Hare and
  • detained at the McHenry County Jail

might be of interest.

The women, I was told by McHenry County’s chief jailer, have to work off the cost of the trip as prostitutes, while the men work in Chinese restaurants (not all such restaurants, of course).  I haven’t learned how they get out from behind the jail’s bars.

Sunday, I saw this article in the Northwest Herald about a prostitution arrest in McHenryAsian Massage Therapy, 323 N. Front St, the article, based on a police press release, said.

Last night I found out about a prostitution arrest in Algonquin in the Daily Herald. World Health Spa, 1445 W. Algonquin Road, a police official is quoted.

The Woodstock Massage Parlor (Photo Gus Philpott).

Also last night, the Northwest Herald noted another prostitution arrest, in Woodstock this time. Marigold Massage, 355 S. Eastwood Drive, the paper says.

When I asked for details about the Crystal Lake and Hampshire arrests, here’s the answer I got:

“The case is still being actively investigated and is an open investigation. The requested information is withheld per the freedom act’s provisions regarding

  • interference with pending or actually and reasonably contemplated law enforcement proceedings conducted by any law enforcement or correctional agency (5ILCS 140/7(1)(d)(i),
  • obstruct an ongoing criminal investigation (5ILCS 140/7(1)(d)(vii),
  • private information (5ILCS 140/7(1)(b), and
  • create a substantial likelihood that a person will be deprived of a fair trail or an impartial hearing (5ILCS 140/7(1)(d)(iii).”

“Pursuant to ISP media guidelines, the following information is provided:

“The Illinois State Police North Central Narcotics Task Force arrested Lan Rue He, female, age 31, 5801 Darlington Lake, Crystal Lake for Prostitution (11-14a Class A) on July 29, 2010 at 1:30 at 900 Pyott Road, Crystal Lake. Bond is $1,000 ($100 cash – 10%).”

Think this is going to end up going after those who invested in the enterprises?

Might the owners have some connection?


Net Appears to be Closing on Prostitution Ring — 4 Comments

  1. This could well be a case of human trafficking. If the authorities (County States Attorney) treat it just as prostitution none of the guilty will be punished. Just a slap on the hands and those making the real money will move on.

  2. The place in McHenry looked suspicious. I would often go get a coffee at the Daily Grind, before it closed, which is very close. I never saw any female clients at that massage place. So the article in NWHerald today made for a few chuckles.

    Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and it will never disappear. But it someone wants to try, the thing to do is to go after the male clients (name and shame, fine, whatever.)

    Going after the prostitutes, especially when they may be slaves, is not going to do any good. China has half billion females and a good number of them are probably ready to come and replace the three ones that were arrested.

    But of course, the more sane approach is to legalize the whole thing, regulate it, force the prostitutes to pay for and get regular STD checks, and get rid of the pimps. Make the johns pay taxes and help decrease the government deficits.

  3. Isn’t the term “oriental” politically incorrect?

    I think Asian or East Asian is the accepted term.

  4. Last night (02/23/11) I parked in front of marigold massage in Woodstock to get coffee next door.

    As I pulled up there were multiple investigators and policeman inside talking to two of the women in there, shortly after the owner entered. When I came out of dunkin donuts both of the women were being escorted out in handcuffs, yet the owner was free to leave.

    I am in this plaza often due to coffee runs and I have never once seen a woman or young man enter the parlor.

    The run their hours well after the closing sign states and I’ve heard snidbits every now and then about this chain of massage parlors.

    Most of it I brushed off as gossip.

    But what astonishes me is that these women are being punished and the owner is free to continue his filthy career of misusing the women and treating them as if they were expendable.

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