A Day in Zane Seipler’s Court Case Against Sheriff Keith Nygren – Part 2

Zane Seipler

Yesterday, I related the first part of what I saw in Federal Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney’s Rockford courtroom last Friday.

We ended with the attorney for Sheriff’s Deputies Greg Pyle, Chris Jones and Jeremy Bruketta trying to keep his clients, all being sued by the Pavlins, from being deposed in Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination suit.

The Pavlin case attorney for the deputies claimed the three were not decision-makers.

“We didn’t cherry pick,” Seipler attorney Blake Horwitz said.

“The fact that these may have discriminated and covered them up,” said the Magistrate. “How (is that) relevant?” he asked Horwitz.

I got the number “72,” but not the context, then, “generated false documents to cover up racial profiling. It goes on and on.

“So, you’re going to use these officers to show a pattern of racial profiling?” Mahoney asked.

“(The) defendant(s?) investigated,” was the reply I heard.


I caught “Miller, Seith and…” didn’t get the third name as Horowitz answered the question.

Seith “generated the report and gave it to the head guy (who?) says (he has) no idea if the numbers are legitimate and reliable,” according to Seipler’s lawyer.

“Many of the tickets appear that many of the (arrestees) are white and labeled Caucasian but appear (non-Caucasian),” Mahoney observed.

“The defendants in our case say (the) allegations are false,” Horwitz pointed out. “We have a right to investigate it.

“Now, we’d like to question the defendants about the production of these documents,” he continued. “By the way, we have many more…”

“Stop,” Mahoney interjected. “They were pretty good.”

At this point Nygren attorney James Sotos entered the fray.

“None of that has anything to do with the disciplinary action.”

“OK,” the Judge said. “He’s entitled to try.

“How is this not relevant?

“Officers have indicated that somebody that’s not white was white.

“In order for him to build the case, he needs this information.”

More tomorrow.


A Day in Zane Seipler’s Court Case Against Sheriff Keith Nygren – Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Just from a logical point of view… Mr. Nygren certainly appears to be a real ‘dirt bag’ whose ego is out of control. How much money has he cost the tax payers with his wrongful terminations, simply because he thinks he is the ‘all powerful one.’ Disgusting!

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