Walsh Holds Post-Bean Concession Press Conference – Part 3

A huge automated telephone survey by We Ask America appeared about three weeks before this Chicago Tribune article on the 8th District race. Note that Melissa Bean gets her name in the headline. Do you think "Walsh" would have fit where "Rival" appears?

This third installment starts with a question from AP about the National Republican Party’s ignoring his 8th District race, certainly a solid fact.

The Chicago Associated Press reporter asked, “Why do you think you didn’t get support from national Republicans?

She also pointed out that while other local Congressional candidates had been identified as one of the “Young Guns,” that is, an up and comer, while Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s opponent Isaac Hayes had been.

“The Republican Party was blessed because we were competitive in over a 100 districts,” Walsh relied.

“(It) forced to build grassroots’ support.

“It’s only going to keep growing only if Reps do what they are supposed to do.

“I am extremely that my Republican Party could be (so competitive),” he said saying that he had “no resentment.”

“Since the election, the National, the State Republicans have been incredibly helpful in preserving this victory.”

The press conference, incidentally, was held at Republican National Headquarters.

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