Walsh Holds Post-Bean Concession Press Conference – Part 4

More than two-thirds of Joe Walsh's 650 lead was whittled away before all the ballots were counted.

In today’s article, newly-elected Congressman Joe Walsh talks about his election coalition and the role that Tea Party groups had in it.

Walsh was specifically asked about the participation of the Palatine Tea Party and the Republican Assembly of Lake County.

“It was a wonderful coming together. There are a number of Tea Party groups in this district.

“They came on board, worked independently.

Talking of the coalition that came together, Walsh said, ““The Tea Party support I got was a huge part of that.

“This Tea Party movement has nothing to do with political parties,” he added.

“They are concerned and scared to death about the future of this country.

“That movement is going to keep growing.

“That is a tremendous opportunity for the Republican Party.”

More tomorrow.

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