Walsh Holds Post-Bean Concession Press Conference – Part 5

Joe Walsh

In this final article about 8th District United States Representative-elect Joe Walsh’s first post- concession speech press conference, Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago Business asks about the “talk of a deal that all of the Bush tax cuts will be extended in exchange for extension of unemployment benefits.”

“I take issue with that. It goes to to the anger a lot of Americans have with the way Washington does business.

“They should be voted on separately.”

Asked whether he favored extending unemployment benefits, Walsh replied, “At this point, no.” He added that Congress has “probably…extended unemployment benefits too long.”

“Two years from now you may not have a lot to show for (your service),” a reporter pointed out.

“What Republicans need to show is that we have gone a long way toward slowing down and stopping the spending.”

He also mention jobs, cutting taxes and Obamacare.

Referring to small business , he said, “There is such uncertainty down there.”

Before the press conference ended, he advocating abolishing the estate tax and cutting capital gains tax, “so businessmen and women can understand what their next two or three years will be like.”

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