Pigs Don’t Vote

Pigs don't vote, but they can make points, as this piglet did in Waukegan at a 2002 Tollway Board hearing on whether to raise tolls. I told the board members present that I didn't want this piglet to grow up to be a Toll Tax Hog.

One of the leaders in the fight for stricter environmental regulation of large animal farms in Illinois is McHenry County native Danielle Diamond. (More about her crusade here.)

She is one of the attorneys for Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water who “helped file the petition that led to the US EPA investigation,” according to a recent story in the Chicago Tribune.

I first ran into this issue during the 1990’s.

The best political message of that decade in Springfield was a sticker worn by those advocating strict environmental regulations of large livestock farms.


was the slogan on the sticker.

Reports of failures of dams holding livestock sewage having decimated stream beds (I remember one from Georgia) propelled the proponents to return repeatedly to the State Capitol.

Last week, Chicago Tribune reporter Robert McCoppin, who has been following the issue, focusing on a dairy farm near Galena, reported the Federal Environmental Protection Agency has directed the Illinois EPA to tighten regulations on CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations).

Failure to meet Federal standards could lead to a Federal regulatory takeover.

I know of only one such facility in McHenry County. It’s northwest of Marengo and its owner loaned me three little pigs, one of which I used to catch attention of the Illinois Tollway Board when it was holding a hearing in Waukegan about raising tolls in 2002 when I was running for Governor on the Libertarian Party ticket.


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