Replacing a County Official

Dan Regna

Reading that 2008 McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Dan Regna, who lost big time to embattled State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, intends to run for the office in 2012, made me think that readers might be interested in the process of replacing a county official.

Now, to talk about that process when Bianchi has given not even a tiny hint that he is considering following the Northwest Herald’s advice that he step down is certainly premature, but let’s lay out who has what power.

Any person appointed to replace any countywide officer would, first, have to a Republican.

That means Tom Cynor, Bianchi’s Democratic Party opponent and lawyer for 22nd District judges, isn’t eligible. Cynor got 38.2% of the fall vote.

Ken Koehler at a committee meeting with Barb Wheeler, the woman he beat out to chair the county board, in the background debating video poker.

McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler would make the nomination, if the selection were to be made before December.

Newly elected county board members will be seated in December and, while Koehler has a Democratic Party opponent in the fall, Mark Booras, the only activity I have seen is his participation in the Lake in the Hills Fall Fest Parade.

So, assuming Koehler wins another term on the County Board and his colleagues elect him chairman again, he would nominate any replacement.

To be appointed, a majority on the County Board would have to vote to approve Koehler’s selection.

Keith Nygren

So, would Regna be the choice? After all he got 43.3% of the primary vote.

Not necessarily.

Regna, of course, was Sheriff Keith Nygren’s candidate against Bianchi and there are a number of county board members who seem to think there should be a State’s Attorney who would not be beholding to the Sheriff in the way that Regna would be.

Other names are being discussed. Perhaps foremost among them is Crystal Lake attorney Joe Gottemoller.

Others include former Bianchi top assistant, now Chief of the Civil Division, Tom Carroll. Carroll has been making the round of Republican fundraisers.

Demetri Tsilimigras, who heads up the prosecution of misdemeanors for Sttate’s Attorney’s Office has also been mentioned. He is a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Cary and on the leadership team of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee.

Others who might be interested include Wes Pribla, who ran in a Republican primary election against Bianchi predecessor Gary Pack and any number of other attorneys who would like to be the chief prosecutor of McHenry County.

But, as I said, it’s way premature to be doing anything but speculating. That’s because there is no indication that a trial will even be held before Bianchi’s term is up in the first week of December 2012.


Replacing a County Official — 5 Comments

  1. Cal
    Dont even say Joey Gottemoller for States Attorney, you know he is hooked up with Mike Tryon, Ken , and many others. Joey is Lou’s biggest fan , Joey does not have the experience to be a States Attorney.

    What does Joey do for the Republican Party NOTHING!!!

    There are other people in McHenry County that has the experience.

    Like Mark Gummerson??

    Lets dont forget that Lou surported Mike Mahon a Dem , Sally Wiggins.
    Lou is not a Republican.
    Cal you know this is facts so it looks like you want to start some problems??

    Lou is not a Republican

  2. My dad used to say that he would always vote for the best man, as long as he was a Republican.

    Hats off to Lou Bianchi for supporting someone he considered best for the office. Sally Wiggins, for example. Mike Mahon, for example. Of course, Lou could have backed me, but I don’t hold that against him. At least, Mike had a chance to win, and he did get 35% of the vote.

    Since the SAO won’t be vacant before the election, what is there to consider? Nothing.

  3. Cal
    Let me help you, lets start because the next States Attorney race will be great, but bad for Lou Lou.

    Hearing for Lou Lou case is in 3, 4 months.

    Cal you know this.
    We all know Lou Lou was a bad boy because of Ron.

    I think Lou will appoint Joey Gottemoller soon as 2nd man in charge of States Attorney office for McHenry County.

    Why you should ask because it will keep Mike, Ken, Joe, and couple others for having the powers that theses people feed on.

    Cal as you know the people names above does not respect the Sheriff of McHenry. They might say they do, but they really don’t. They are not men to stand up for whats right!!

    Cal start a story were will Sally Wiggins fall in this crap?

    Bye Bye Tom.

  4. Lets look back at the 2010 Primary there was and is a highly qualified candidate by the Name of Donna Kelly.

    She was Lou’s right hand person until she left to run for Appellate Court Judge. She won 10 of 13 counties including McHenry County with over 104,000 votes.

    She was lead prosecutor on gang trials and is one of only a handful of qualified Capital case trial lawyers in McHenry county. (Capital cases means she is qualified for trial in Death penalty cases something the States Attorneys office should have.)

    She is currently a McHenry County criminal defense attorney, so she knows both sides of the law and is very good at it.

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