Phil Pagano’s Wife Files for Bankruptcy

McHenry County just keeps making Chicago news.

Tribune subscribers awoke to this article on the front page.

Today on the front page of the Chicago Tribune is an article about former Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano’s wife’s having filed for bankruptcy.

Back in September.

In Rockford.

Pagano apparently left his family in dire straits.

The Covered Bridge Trail’s home is worth $340,000, but has a mortgage of $765,000.

Another $265,000 in debts are enumerated in the bankruptcy petition, the Tribune says.

And the question remains, what did the Republican appointee do with his generous salary and all the money he took under dubious terms from Metra before he came under investigation and committed suicide in front of a train near Hillside Road in rural Crystal Lake.

While the case was initiated in September, the reporter writes the first hearing was yesterday in Rockford.

Quoted in the article is James Sotos, the attorney who investigated Pagano at the request of Metra.  He is the same man representing Sheriff Keith Nygren in the wrongful termination case brought by Nyrgen’s GOP primary opponent Zane Seipler.


Phil Pagano’s Wife Files for Bankruptcy — 2 Comments

  1. Cal, thanks for picking up on this. The Chicago Tribune carried it on Wednesday. The Northwest Herald STILL does not carry it. They will soon, after they read about it here.

  2. Maybe she could get on the Mchenry County Sheriff departments payroll. After all it was Keith and Al the caused Phil to jump in front of the train. Even the mafia take care of the women they widdow.

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