Sandy Salgado Competes with Two Men for Vice Chairman

Two McHenry County women have chaired the McHenry County Board. The first was Ann Hughes, who left to run successfully for State Representative in 1992. She won with a pivotal vote cast by my father, Cal Skinner, Sr., after he checked himself out of Georgetown University Hospital against his physician’s advice in order to vote for Hughes over Don Doherty.

Replacing her was Dianne Klemm, who held the office until she was beaten by Leslie Root in the GOP primary election.

Since then, men have been in control. First, Mike Tryon and, thereafter, when Tryon ran for State Rep. in 2004, his good friend Ken Koehler.

Sandra Salgado

Two years ago Barb Wheeler made a run at the top spot, but lost to Koehler 15-9.

This year, Sandy Salgado is seeking to become Vice Chairman. The position provides access that ordinary members don’t have as the Vice Chairman sits in on meeting when the Chairman is unavailable.

Salgado is seeking the vice chairmanship for the second time.

Last time, McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler’s choice, Jim Heisler, like Koehler from Crystal Lake, beat back the McHenry woman’s candidacy.

Jim Heisler

While Heisler won 15-9 over Salgado, Koehler won the chairmanship 16 to 6 for Barb Wheeler to 2 for Marc Munaretto.

This time around Heisler’s predecessor as Vice Chairman, John Jung, wants his old position back. Since Jung lost his election bid to Democrat Paula Yensen in 2008, he couldn’t remain as Vice Chairman.

Now that he has made a strong comeback, having run first and, along with Tina Hill, having defeated Democrat Jim Kennedy, he wants to be Vice Chairman again.

So there are three candidates for the position:

    John Jung

  • current Vice Chairman Jim Heisler
  • former Vice Chairman John Jung
  • aspirant for the job Sandra Salgado

My sources tell me that Salgado has the most commitments. Not quite a majority, however.

In the first round of balloting, Salgado is expected to get the most votes.

What will happen if one of the men drop out is the question of the day.

Will Salgado pick up a couple of the third-place finisher and capture the post?

Or will all the withdrawing male’s supporters go to the other man in the race?


Sandy Salgado Competes with Two Men for Vice Chairman — 2 Comments

  1. Heisler is old and salty with no good ideas, Salgado is lucky to be County Board, Jung should be Vice Chairman he has great ideas.

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