Barbara Pagano Bankruptcy at Jack Franks Law Firm

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With all the “sturm und drum” that Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks has been putting up about Metra, does anyone find it a bit interesting that the late Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano’s wife Barbara’s bankruptcy attorney is with the Franks law firm in Marengo?


Barbara Pagano Bankruptcy at Jack Franks Law Firm — 5 Comments

  1. First of all, this is horrible for Mrs. Pagano and her children. There are no words.

    I recently found out that Mrs. Pagano and my own mother, had been close friends. I guess they liked to hang around the swimming pool at Boulder Ridge CC together.

    My dad told me that one day, the powers that be that ran the pool, told Mrs. Pagano and my mother that they had to leave the pool side area because their ‘bags’ were not acceptable.

    I think it may have been some type of denim beach type bags the girls were carrying poolside.

    Since I used to have had to live in so many different places at one time, I used to keep a ‘crash pad’ at different spots around the country.

    My favorite was in NYC.

    At any rate, the point is this Mrs. Pagano.

    I found that my little one bedroom ‘crash pad’ apartment with my blow up mattress, a basic television along with some little personal items and a small amount of furniture were all I really needed.

    I was freed from the burden of lots of “Stuff!”

    The house I owned in Florida had a big yard and a swimming pool. The more stuff, the more work.

    Everytime I left my little ‘Crash Pad’ I couldn’t wait to get back to this wonderfully basic, yet very functional ‘home.’ The view from my bedroom was the Empire State Building.

    “Travel Light” Mrs. Pagano. Allow yourself to be free from “Stuff” that in the end really doesn’t matter and only serves to ‘weigh’ a person down.

    “Looking” is free…. and can be fun. I enjoy ‘junkin.’ Now they have television shows were folks travel to country just ‘look’n’ at all the stuff folks have piled up. Kind of fun isn’t it?

    “Time” is the most valuable personal item you can enjoy.

    I lost everything I owned not once, but two times due to circumstances beyond my control. Divorce, illness, “Stuff Happens” kind of experiences we have no control over.

    Kind of just as you are now experiencing.

    I can assure you, the ‘stuff’ you feel you need, you really don’t.

    The new opportunities immediately before you, I promise, will once again, bring joy to your life.

    Other than the emotional issues that only time can heal, keep moving forward and never look back.

    “Some” were ‘friends’ based on lifes position….”Many” await the opportunity to warmly welcome you and walk with you in your new life’s journey.

    If you open yourself to all that awaits, you will make many more very wonderful memories.

    Before you at this moment, is paper work. Don’t allow anybody to make any more of it than just that. “Paper Work!”

    It has nothing to do with who you are, and who you shall become as a person.

    I pray that one day soon, you find peace and profound happiness.

  2. Mrs. Pagano will have to have a big enough bag to carry the half million dollars that she will get to keep. Plus staying in the house as long as court proceedings drag on.

    Does anyone know if the pension payments to her from Metra have started?

    She could at least pay off the Toys R Us bill.

  3. I do not find it difficult to believe. First off, the law firm is a reputable firm that is known for positive results so I would use them if I needed a lawyer. Secondly this is typical with lawyers. They go where the money is. They will defend or represent any client. Just show me the money.

    The bankruptcy and the misappropriation of funds issue seem to be totally different problems. James Mullally is an attorney for the firm. Jack Franks is not the attorney doing the work himself.

  4. Jolanda, perhaps one day, your own life may be turned upside down by somebody you trusted?

    Then you will really “puke” yourself even more.

    Those who travel often and spend varied amounts of time all over the map, keep what are commonly called ‘crash pads.’ I never thought of it, but perhaps I should have used another term to describe a small, yet very functional scaled down living arrangement.

    The Federal Gov. created the laws folks….don’t be angy with Mrs. Pagano for trying to use these very laws that perhaps one day, you might need.

    Try coming home from 3 months away from being in a cancer hospital 1,000 miles from home to find creditor notes stuck inside your front door..

    Mrs. Pagano needs time to get things straightened out. She woke up one morning and found out about alot of things, that most reading about should be thankful it was not them.

    BK filings ask for A complete listing of all debts…… does not mean she has no intent of not paying for her share. Schedules (individual listings of each debt) on the filings can be accessed if you are that interested.

    Attacking Mrs. Pagano isnt going to return METRAS money.

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