Dipping Back into Island Lake Politics

Sharon Hyde

When we last looked at the fractured political situation in Island Lake, ex-Village President Tom Hyde had been arrested.

Since then, a trial has been held at which he was found not guilty.

Hyde’s wife Sharon was also arrested.

After the arrest, the Village Board, still controlled by Hyde allies passed a resolution which could be viewed to exonerate the wife.

Recently Lake County Judge Fred Foreman issued a ruling, according to the Daily Herald, that the resolution could be used in her trial, but that prosecutors could “challenge the resolution in support of Sharon Hyde with any evidence they have that may cause the jury to question the resolution’s credibility.”

Filing for village and special district positions starts Monday.

Joe Ptak, who is the man who stimulated the Pledge of Allegiance at the Lake County League of Women Voters Grayslake candidates’ night which morphed into a national story, is running for village board.

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