McHenry County Loses Amtrak Route

First he said he would.

Governor Pat Quinn, that is.

Amtrak speeding through Greenfield Village near Detroit.

That was in Rockford.

Then, Quinn said he was going to re-study whether Amtrak should go through Genoa instead.

And, he’s decided to run it through Genoa.

Not Huntley, where Quinn’s first announcement said it would run.

Lots of folks in Genoa, don’t you know?

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady favored the McHenry County route.


McHenry County Loses Amtrak Route — 2 Comments

  1. Okay and what about a high speed rail link to the Rockford Airport from McHenry County to make full use of existing capital.

    I think Don Manuullo was in favor of getting more usage out of the Rockford

    How about a few more dedicated buses McHenry County to Champaign, ISU
    and even St. Louis?

    remove the toll booths and opne up Northern Illinois to free trade with Wisconsin too

  2. I guess you’re upset that you weren’t able to get a chunk of the wasteful government spending?

    You’re against socialism – except when it benefits you.

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