McHenry County Buying Squad Cars from Decatur

Squad totaled on Greenwood Road this summer.

The State of Illinois allows local governments to purchase things state government buys at the same price the state pays.

So, local governments, in many instances, can find a cheaper price using the bulk buying power of Illinois largest employer than they can by themselves.

That is what is scheduled to be authorized on Tuesday at the Finance Committee meeting.

A resolution being considered will authorize county purchasing officials β€œto negotiate into a contract for sixteen (16) new police pursuit vehicles with Miles Chevrolet of Decatur.”

In this case, the State is piggy backing on a Cook County contract. The Sheriff and the Director of Purchasing is making the recommendation.

Presumably, the car above is one scheduled for replacement.


McHenry County Buying Squad Cars from Decatur — 4 Comments

  1. Gary Lang will be ok because City of McHenry is giving Gary Lang 8 million dollars for his business.

    But lets cut of programs for the kids of city of McHenry, so lets raise taxes.

    Gary Lang is a bad person for McHenry but great for City of McHenry right Sue Low and the City Counsel of City of McHenry??

  2. Warning to all residents of McHenry County do not buy any vehicle from Gary Lang. He is the reason why taxes will go up soon LOOK INTO IT CAL

  3. Contrary to the naysayers, the MCSO has been purchasing squads through the State Bid Program for many years. Bidding is done by CMS (Central Management Services)

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