First Day Petition Filings for Municipal Governments

I got through to all the school districts in or with major portions of McHenry County to find out who had filed petitions through mid-day Monday, the first day of filing, but I didn’t do as well for the municipalities.

Below are the results I found:

Cary Village Board

  • Barbara Hill
    Al Pilli
    Mark Kownick (2-year term)

Incumbents are Barbara Hill, Mark Kownick, Deb McManamee and Al Philli. McManamee has taken a petiton packet.

Fox River Grove

  • Michael Schiestel
  • Joanna Colletti
  • Steve Knar
  • Suzanne Blohm (2 -Year Term)

Duane Figurski, Jim Tuman, Steve Knar and Suzanne Blohm


None have filed.
The terms of Brian Leyden, Crystal Musgrove, Rick Adams and Darrell Perkins are expiring.


  • Harry Leopold
  • Jay Kadakia
  • J. R. Westberg
  • Niko Kanakaris

The three incumbents are Harry Leopold, Jay Kadakia and Niko Kanakaris


  • Ken Santowski
  • Blake Hobson
  • Gary Sexson
  • J Carl Davis
  • Jeffrey Iden (2-year term)

The seats that are up are held by J Carl Davis, Blake Hobson (appointed), Julie Richardson (appointed) and Ken Santowski.

Lake in the Hills

  • Paul Mulcahy
  • Ray Bogdanowski
  • Russ Ruzanski
  • Bill Dustin
  • Joseph Wright

Ray Bogdanowski and Paul Mulcahy are incumbents whose terms are up. Former Village Trustee Joseph Murawski died in office and was not replaced.

City of McHenry

  • Ward 2 Andy Glab
  • Ward 4 Jeffrey Blake
  • Ward 6 Roberta Pangaleo
  • Ward 7 No candidate

The last day to file for office is next Monday.

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